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Value of "easy" TFMM songs

I have an adult, private student who came to me already reading. She is near the end of Foundation Level 6, has completed Reading Rhythm and Reading Notes, and is working her way through Read n Play. I'm realizing I've...

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Question about Workshops

I would love to grow my studio from the plateau of about 20 students to more like 50. One thing I want to do is add Workshops. I see a 6-minute training on Workshops in Business Support. Where else would...

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Dealing with mother wanting teacher to be more strict

I need some help or suggestions form those of you who have experience in teaching autistic children. I started recently with my first autistic student (6-year-old boy), and I really love him. He can be quite fun and funny at...

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Pedaling Dark Blue

Advice for pedal use on Dark Blue? Just keep it down, or use your ear to know when to clear it? Or open to player's interpretation?

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