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Royalties question

When we pay our Royalties, what is the purpose of the question "Were there exceptions?". I think I always say yes, because at the very least there's a holiday or vacation each month. Is this what's intended?

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Music notation software - Neil Moore

I'm looking for input on comprehensive music notation software for PC platform. I have a student who is extensively composing (full 3-4 movement sonatas, for example) and has been using MuseScore. I personally have not used Sibeluis, Finale, Etc extensively...

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Unmotivated students

I have a group of young girls. Their practice is sporadic, and two of them haven't watched videos in four weeks or more. The third one moans and groans with her mother about practicing. One mom told me yesterday at...

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Content breadth vs depth

I have a student whose mom is a fourth grade teacher, and she made a comment last night that I didn't quite know how to respond to. In referring to the white board on which I had written the notes,...

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