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Reading Rhythm: Application of S D Q

There is a section in the READING RHYTHM TTM videos where Neil discussed the efficacy of learning SDQ because in more advanced pieces the approach can be applied to the relationships of 8th, 16ths, and 32nds. This makes perfect sense...

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Webinar Series: 07/18/2018 - Piano - Music & the New Case for Creativity

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Value of "easy" TFMM songs

I have an adult, private student who came to me already reading. She is near the end of Foundation Level 6, has completed Reading Rhythm and Reading Notes, and is working her way through Read n Play. I'm realizing I've...

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Question about Workshops

I would love to grow my studio from the plateau of about 20 students to more like 50. One thing I want to do is add Workshops. I see a 6-minute training on Workshops in Business Support. Where else would...

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