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Recognition for students

I have received an email inquiry from a parent initially asking if Simply Music students undertook exams and what concerts were available for students. I responded letting her know that students did not sit formal exams and that often teachers...

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I, IV, V and minor keys

Here's a theory question from a student that has me stumped: are songs in minor keys (like Scarborough Fair) still built on a I, IV, V foundation? Which major chords would one expect to find in a minor key, and...

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Longer lessons for advanced students

I've been thinking of implementing longer lessons for my more advanced private students who I think need the time in the upper levels, in particular with all the reading we do. Maybe 45 minutes or hour lessons? One student is...

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Fur Elise 3+3 fingering

One of my Foundation 2 students was wondering re: Fur Elise if she could use just the RH (no LH) for the 3+3 (after the 9 E's). She said she feels that may be simpler or easier. She did not...

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