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Webinar Series: 01/11/2019 – Piano – Retention & Attrition in Commercial Studios

Don’t miss this conversation among several long-standing, experienced Simply Music teachers! They have all operated large commercial studios and experienced managing and employing teachers in their studios. They discuss several topics which have impacted their student retention rates. Topics include: Teacher Introductions (00:05) One Thing that Improves Retention (10:18) ‘Pre-Screening’ Potential Students, Using the 4-Song Workshop (20:39) The Importance of Core Conversations (33:34) Auto Billing, Who Conducts FIS’s (36:36) Quality Control with Employed Teachers (42:24) Click through the video to…

Webinar Series: 11/20/2018 – Piano – Managing Multiple Streams

In this webinar, Laurie discusses some tips for managing several different streams in the curriculum and answers teacher questions. Topics include: Introduction & Purpose (0:05) When to Teach Variations & Arrangements (1:05) Expected Level of Mastery (07:25) Planning Your Training (11:03) Teacher Questions: Comp & Improv; TFMM; Jazz Clues (14:16) Determining Order of Programs/Songs (16:55) Keeping Arrangements Alive (19:01) Managing Multiple Streams in Class (28:45) Managing Repertoire Review; Planning Lessons (40:42) Click through the video to hear Laurie discuss the…

Webinar Series: 08/16/2018 – Piano – Turbo-Charge Your Studio with the Playlist Management Program

Hear from Jy Gronner and Sheri Reingold, creators of our Supplemental Program, Playlist Management. Learn about all the wonderful content included in this program as well as how to implement it in your studio. Topics include: Introducing Jy & Sheri, Creators of Playlist Management (00:05) Teacher Questions (03:53) Communicating Reasons for the Playlist (05:24) Double Pipes (11:20) Parties & Fun Ways to Keep Playlist Alive (14:39) Utilizing the Playlist from the Program (23:16) About Arrangement Names (28:56) Conclusion (35:29) Click…

Understanding Chord Structure – Laurie Richards (Webinar)

In this interactive teacher webinar, Laurie walks through the 'rules' of how chords are built. Using slides for visual reinforcement of the concepts, the following topics are clearly covered: Major Scale How Triads are Built Other Chord Tones 7th Chords Extended Chords Chord Voicing Chord Alterations