Studio Policies

Controlling germs in studio

Marcia V., North Carolina

It’s flu season so a parent asked me what I do in my music room to keep the piano and environment as germ-free as possible. What do you do and how would you answer this question?

Karolee G., Idaho

I keep hand sanitizer on the piano, and wipe the keys with Clorox wipes between students. I also credit for cancelled lessons due to illness. I have six kids of my own and someone bringing in a bug can close me down for weeks!

Bernadette A., California

I diffuse essential oils to kill germs in the air.

Carol P., South Carolina

I ask students to remove shoes and wash hands with soap and water when they arrive. I have a sign posted at the front entrance. Teaching from home it makes life so much easier to require this.

Gail J., Washington

I keep a selection of yummy smelling hand sanitizers by the piano and students know they are to use them each time they come. My students love choosing a scent each week and I keep them rotating frequently. I also use essential oils in my diffuser and wipe the keys, bench, and door knobs frequently.

Nancy W., Texas

I diffuse essential oil, have hand sanitizer, and if they should sneeze during the lesson I ask them to wash their hands and I’ll wipe the piano. I also advise the parents/students to reschedule if sick.

Megan F., Nebraska

I’m not great about always remembering, but I wipe down the piano between lessons, particularly if I know there’s been illness in a family. I also wipe down my laminated practice pads. Hand sanitizer is on a table by the piano, and students who come straight from school know to wash their hands when they arrive. If they use a tissue, they use sanitizer right after.

Leeanne I., Australia

I wipe down my piano keys between each class. Also on the practice pads if they have been used. Anyone who touches their nose has to use the hand sanitizer, including me! This is in my studio policies. As well, no one is allowed to come to class if they are sick.

Felicity E., Australia

I also added sickness into my studio policy. I ask that they don’t come if they are sick and specify that I will not teach if sick.

Using antibacterial products on piano keys can damage them. I don’t know about plastic keys but I’m careful about what I put on the piano.

Joy O., Alabama

I wipe the piano keys with a paper towel dampened with white vinegar. Also many of the above.