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Practice on Vacation

Corinne S., Georgia

A student is on a 6-week road trip. His mom just texted, “My piano player has been missing his piano. It is his coping mechanism when the world gets overwhelming. I didn’t realize how much piano helps him. Do you know of general places–besides music stores–where he could play for 15/20 minutes?” Any ideas?

Jen P., Utah

Maybe a church in the area?

Cate R., Australia

I’ve used Best Buy before if they have a music section.

Rochelle G., Utah

Retirement homes almost always have one, and the residents love hearing people play!

Sharlene H. Spain

A student of mine travels a lot for work (and pleasure). He uses hotel pianos and when he was in Vietnam, he even found a music school and rented their piano every day to practice. Or buy a roll-up piano? Not great sound but better than nothing at all!

Maureen K., California

Short of an actual piano, he might find comfort with a phone and headphones/earbuds, listening to his assignments and repertoire on the SM site (and/or other music he’s learning) and playing along in his mind or on his lap. An incredible amount can be learned this way. The imagination is powerful.

Sue L., California

A piano store.

Mara K., New Zealand

The other week I was away from my piano for a few days – very depressing – I got very adept at playing Thumbjam on my iPad.

Original discussion started May 21, 2018