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Questions about how to run an FIS

Marsha L., Virginia

FIS questions: I still haven’t had my first one, but I’m working on preparing for it. I’m more nervous about trying to effectively explain the Simply Music program than I am to actually teach with it. I’m wondering if most of you do them for large groups, or if you do them one on one? I teach in my home and I’m trying to decide whether to get all the families I currently teach together for a large FIS, or meet with them one on one. I would rather do a large group, but I worry about space.

Also, I assume that sometime I will need to do it individually as I get individual requests for lessons in the future, but it feels a little more awkward to go through the whole thing one on one. Do you still play the pieces, tell the whole background, and show the testimonial video when you meet with one family at a time?

I’m just curious if other people do things differently than the training videos showed and what works well for you.

Joy O., Alabama

I go through the exact outline on the training videos, whether for a group or just one family. Neil Moore tested it in various ways and found that order to be best; why change it? I use notes and say something like, “I use notes to keep myself on track”. It lets people know I’m prepared and I have a specific plan.

It can be harder to stay on track with one family. Some kids are more likely to speak up, ask questions, or make comments when it is just them with parents and teacher. In a group, I seldom have any kids saying anything.

I teach in my home as well. We bought some folding chairs from the office supply store that I use for group lessons as well as for the FIS.

Ruth P., North Carolina

Doing FIS’s in a group is much better than one on one. The group gives energy and enthusiasm that will propel it.

Megan F., Nebraska

I was so nervous for my first one! It gets a lot easier. I do them for groups and one-on-one. It depends on if I’m really trying to fill a spot. I still go through the whole deal even if it’s just one person, and I loosely refer to an outline. I remember it pretty well now, so I don’t need the notes quite as much.

Leeanne I., Australia

I do the same as Joy. Most of My FIS’s have been one on one but sometime I will get requests from a couple of families and try to tee them up together. I have had families at the one FIS enroll and work out times they could have their lessons together! I think doing lots of small FIS’s when you first start is great, as it gives you lots of practice.

Gabrielle K., Iowa

Always do the whole thing regardless of group size. The only thing I change is that I make the feel more of a conversation with a one-on-one versus a presentation in a group, but the dynamic and content is still the same.