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  • First Recital‏ Ideas – All Level 1 Students

    Any suggestions for a new teacher with 22 students, all in Foundation 1, on how to organize a fun recital, where everyone participates with only the 10 foundation pieces + arrangements? My students range from 6 to 18 and two adults that I hope would participate. This won’t happen until we’re done with foundation 1…

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  • Sing-a-Long at Elder Care Center‏

    This May or June I’d like to give my students the opportunity to use their accompaniment skills for a sing-a-long at an elder care center. I’m looking for tips to make this a successful experience for everyone, students and audience alike. I’m wondering if it makes a difference what sort of center I pick. Are…

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  • Adult Student Recital

    I’ve appreciated the recent comments and ideas regarding a SM piano party. I’m wondering if any of you have some ideas specifically for older beginning students. I mentioned my plans for a piano “sharing afternoon” to my oldest student last night, and her smile morphed into a look of panic. She told me that she…

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  • My Informal ‘Music Party’

    I had my first recital yesterday. Well, more of a music party than a recital, as I only have 8 students. I wanted to provide an informal arena for them to show off their prowess on the piano without any pressure. They each invited 2 guests (plus a couple of extras) and came to my…

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  • Piano Parties & Recital Ideas

    Would anyone like to start a discussion re piano parties? I’m most interested in tools that might help the families of the kids be involved and that sneak in some SM concepts. But if you have any other suggestions for things that were really wonderful– I’d love to hear them. I usually have a pot…

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  • Notating Compositions

    I’m having my students compose and notate a piece. Of course notating rhythm is a challenge for some, but a wonderful way to have them ‘self generate’ as best they can. We do a ‘back in forth’ where I help them tweak it so it reflects what they want. I also have some of them…

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  • Teaching Pedal Online

    Has anyone taught The Pedal on line? How did you do it? I have several students ready for this mini project and I don’t know if it can work? Do you have the TWS Program on Using the Pedal? If not, I highly recommend it. Either way, if you follow its steps carefully breaking things…

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  • Spring Open Stage

    Today was my second recital. 28 of my 52 students performed a total of 38 songs lasting about an hour. We had approximately 130 people in attendance – an amazing turnout. The program was spotted with duets, a trio–piano and 2 singers, piano for three hands and some arrangements my students had created themselves of…

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  • Open Stage and Brochures

    For those who have had concerts or recitals, do you use this time to place brochures and information strategically around the room, or at the front door? Do you use this time to advertise and enroll new students? Or do you just use it to have your current students “party” and not worry about promoting…

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  • My Wonderful Recital

    Just wanted to share a little about the wonderful recitals I just did. There were 60 people at 2 pm who cleared out by 3:45pm just in time for the next group of about 50 who came at 4 pm. I think I got this idea from the ECL at some point, but ahead of…

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  • Substitute for a Piano Recital

    I want to share a little about my recent substitute for a piano recital. Since I remember those occasions as being heart-thumping, hand-sweating occasions where many performers and parents experience stress in varying degrees, I wanted to do things a little differently and reinforce Simply Music’s philosophy that sharing music is an enjoyable experience. The…

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  • My Open Stage

    Last night the students I teach for a church music program had their recital. The students ranged from 4 to 17 years old, and one adult. Everyone played 1, 2 or 3 pieces. What fun! I started teaching Simply Music in February of 2003. I now have students in Levels 1 – 3. Last year…

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