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  • Keeping Track Materials and Streams

    I have been teaching for a year and a half now very part time with 12
students and I am just preparing for the new year with learning level
5 etc. I am wondering if it is normal at this stage to feel a little
swamped about how to handle it all well. These are some of the

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  • Preparing for Accreditation

    The recent flux of accreditations (in Perth alone) has brought to my attention the fact that my year of being “licensed” is drawing to a close and I’d best get a move on with recording students. This I’ve done, and wow have I learned a lot from it. I can see now that I have…

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  • TFMM and 16th Notes

    I just had an aha moment. I don’t see any 16th notes in any of the TFMM songs. Seems surprising since we start with them in RR. Just wondering if there was a reason for this? I would think to keep it more developmentally appropriate for a first stage reading experience. Students are dealing with…

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  • Chord Fingers Bending

    One of my students is struggling with playing chords because her fingers are doing what you see in the photos. Can anyone help me know what is going on? Are there any exercises or things we can do to help her? Have her hold a tennis ball or baseball or other small ball like that…

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  • Christmas Accompaniments & Jam Tracks

    It’s that time of year again! For any who are interested, here are some Christmas carol accompaniments your students may enjoy: And some orchestral jam tracks for them to play along with: I’ll be adding to the jam tracks every couple of days. I hope you and your students enjoy them! Original discussion…

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  • Away in a Manger Chord

    In “a white and blue christmas” in Away in a Manger measure 11 – is the intent to roll the LH chord? Just curious because Neil indicates that at m18, but has 11 as a block chord. Ruth, there are three options. Larger hands can play the 10th at once, smaller hands can roll out…

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  • FABE Chord Tip

    Quick tip for Light Blue…. The last note of the Long sentence is an E and that’s also the top note of the FABE chord. If students see that it’s just a quick switch to the pinky there it should help them get over the right notes. Original discussion started October 29, 2020

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  • Reading Rhythm in Online Lessons

    Hi teachers, just curious how everyone is handling the Reading Rhythm process with online students. Are you having them play the tracks to the audio, a metronome, one handed while tapping the beat or having the coach clap? Any preference towards any of these? They’re all options, so wondering what students are preferring. I am…

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  • Embodied Music Cognition

    EMBODIED MUSIC COGNITION Has anyone else heard of this fascinating new field of research related to Embodied Cognition Psychology? I am finding the topic extremely groundbreaking, especially related to -Simply Music’s unique multi-layered approach, -the importance of teaching in groups, -and now the challenges of teaching via online/virtual platforms, which have made previously intuitive interactions…

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  • Teaching In Schools – Australia 

    I have many requests now for letters to approach schools so I thought it easier to post them all. Please contact Marg Green if you would like her to send you a copy – At the end of this Q&A are the following docs: 1) The Sample letter has had all the personal information taken…

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  • Webcam Recommendation 

    Am starting an on line student. Does anyone have a recommendation for a webcam to use with Macbook Pro   OSX  10.7.5.? I have used several, but always come back to Skype. I just gave my first Skype lesson yesterday. MacBooks Pros have a built in camera, which is what I used. This was a…

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  • Skype

    I’m attempting to teach a student (my mom) via Skype. We have the first lesson on Tuesday and spent way too much time trying to set up the cameras tonight. I have a MacBook, with a 2.4 GHx Intel Core 2 Duo processor, using OS X 10.6.8, and she has a new PC, using Windows…

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