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Major 7th and Dominant 7th

I had a student with extensive prior experience ask the difference between a maj 7th and 7th today so I hope this question makes sense. Is Bb the dominant 7th in the key of F?

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Standard Blues Progression

Why do we teach the 12-bar blues with CFCC as the first 4 instead of the standard CCCC that is everywhere else? Personally I like the F added in as it makes it more interesting. But does SM have a...

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Acknowledging Recital Performances

Today we had a recital. I always struggle with what to say after each student has played their song. Everyone is clapping, then I pop back up again to introduce the next performer. I say "that was great" then the...

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Two Lessons Per Week

One of my new private adult students (she is practicing diligently, LOVES SM, her playlist so far is very strong) wants to switch from having one (half-hour) lesson per week to two (half-hour) lessons weekly (several days apart) because she...

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