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  • Finger Substitution

    I have noticed pianists do something I have never been shown nor taught. They play a note and then change the fingers so that note is still being played but the hand is being set up for the next steps. Is this something that is taught in trad lessons or is it something people just…

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  • Depth or Width / Breadth

    In the group training video Neil mentions that we can go either depth or width (or breadth). I can see that going into either the foundations or variations (and more) can be depth and width. What are your thoughts on which one is depth or width? And why? DEPTH: Deeper into content meaning progression and…

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  • Young Student Wanting to Quit Lessons

    I have just lost a young student (7) who was, until mid level 2, loving the piano, practicing diligently without any encouragement needed. Then just before the school holidays we had two weeks where she barely played and then her father informed me she just doesn’t want to continue lessons. We spoke about the reasons…

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  • When to Start Accompaniment 2

    I would like to ask your advice on exactly when to start Acc. 2. As you know, the pre-reqs obviously include Acc 1: all triads in all keys, ratios, inheriting all contemp chords, ability to identify and transpose I, IV, V in all keys, ability to sight-read chords and experience playing acc. pieces. But, the…

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  • When To Move Ahead

    I have been teaching an 8 year old for 4 months. He’s a really bright kid and generally picks things up pretty quickly. We are just finishing up Chester and I’d like to begin Ode to Joy this week. The reason I haven’t moved ahead sooner is because he is still slow on the Jackson…

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  • Transitioning a Traditional Studio

    A local traditional teacher is thinking of transitioning her current students to Simply Music. I found one (very helpful) entry in the FAQs library and would like to get some more info from all of you. What tips do you have for her? What can she expect the process to be like? How can she…

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  • Transcribing Ties and Dotted Notes

    I am at the end of the Reading Rhythm TTM in my own learning process and have a question about transcription. I see that ties and dotted notes (like all the other ingredients) include the step of “Continuing to process transcriptions into MOR.” As someone who is really learning how to read music formally for…

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  • Writing Spoken Rhythm

    Hi I’ve got a question about students who find it difficult to clap words taking note of where the syllables fall. It came up from assigning a footy chant to a sport lover (e.g. ‘ see the bombers fly up” – from Aussie Rules footy). I wanted him to write out in rhythmic notation practicing…

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  • Telephone Conversation

    I just started teaching this March, and I admit I heavily rely on ECL to learn and grow. It is such an amazing community! As I’m growing my studio, I’m having some situation, and I look forward to hearing from you to share your advice how to deal with people price shopping over the phone…

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  • Teaching a 5 year old

    Keywords: 5 year olds, groups, private I’m a new teacher in Medina Ohio, currently with 3 students and about to add 2 more. It’s already been interesting due to the varying ages and experience: I have a sister and brother (10 and 8 years old) and an experienced musician friend who plays guitar, can’t read…

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  • Students Missing and Getting Behind

    This was my first summer teaching groups, and it has been frustrating to say the least. With vacations and such, it just doesn’t work. It’s not even about the money because I can convince the parents to pay no matter what, but then the students/parents who don’t go out of town end up frustrated because…

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  • Starting Lessons with an Experienced Student

    I am pretty brand new – only taught 2 lessons so far. I have just got off from a phone conversation with a Dad. He has pretty much decided to have his son (7th grader with 5 years of traditional lesson) taking lessons from me. Still, I invited his family to come to my FIS…

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