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  • Solace of the Wind Key

    Jazz program.The key of Solace of the Wind. First off I might say it’s C Minor with it’s key signature and initial chord but it’s the final chord that’s supposed to be the final arbiter, right? And that’s A flat Minor. In fact the whole thing hangs together for me aurally but kinda wanders off…

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  • MAC Pedal Training

    I think I remember Neil mentioning that there’s a pedal training video in the MAC program. Does anyone know how to find this? I’m trying to figure out the best way to teach pedaling in online lessons, so I’d welcome your ideas. Thanks! I have recently taught it online. I did a Powerpoint presentation to…

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  • Avoiding Weekend Lessons

    Has anyone ever been through this…….. I don’t want to work weekends anymore. So I have to shift some students to midweek. I know I can make it work, but that means someone who already has a midweek spot, has to move to a later time to let siblings come back to back. I’m frightened…

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  • Panther Digital Materials Different

    I’m working on learning Panther in Level 9. Is there a reason that the final chord in the printed music is not played in the demo or taught in the teacher or student videos? Cool chord–assuming it’s a reference to “Pink Panther”. Ha, even I didn’t know a final chord was added to the music…

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  • Google Hangouts for Online Lessons

    Just curious, but has anyone done an online lesson using Google Hangouts? I used to… so I know it fairly well if you have questions. But I like Zoom better mainly because it is a more common platform so less to get the students comfortable with. I used it before with only 2 families. I…

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  • Add Text to Certificates

    How do I add text to these pdf certificates? This way you can type the student’s name and date. This is not layed out in the same way on my new computer compared to my old one. Where is the “Tools” option to add a text box? Help! I’m going to print myself and send…

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  • Weariness in Online Lessons

    We’re now nearly three months into online lessons, and I’m sensing a growing weariness in some (not all) of my students. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? It’s normal for some of them to have a summer slump, but this feels different. What are some ideas for keeping students engaged and keeping the mood lifted…

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  • Online Recital Resource

    For those of you still planning your piano parties/recitals, another resource for you… Original discussion started June 5, 2020

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  • Online Piano Party

    Recently, one of our longstanding teachers, Maureen Karpan, held an Online ‘Piano Party’. She had many of her students (and family members) attend. I contacted Maureen and asked if we could record a Zoom call and have her share about how she set it all up, how she managed the student performances and what insights…

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  • Mock Online Shared Lesson

    As you all know, I’ve been sending out updates on an array of things related to Online Lessons. We have had several requests to demonstrate what an Online Shared Lesson (OSL) would look like. . Recently, one of our Master Simply Music Teachers, Laurie Richards, recorded a ‘mock’ Online Shared Lesson (OSL). Several Simply Music…

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  • Returning to Face to Face Lessons

    I was just wondering how many Australian teachers were teaching face to face in their homes. If so does that include all your students, and how many, do you still have coaches present? If you are still teaching online when do you plan to go back? Back to face to face lessons. Only have one…

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  • Piano at Home

    Neil mentioned Mandy and Colin Cummins’ new app for teaching online. I just had a Demo Test with them and I cannot recommend this enough. It allows the teacher to see the student and your own face, while having a large keyboard view. It is simple to use and set up. You need 2 devices,…

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