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  • About Scam Emails

    About the email Scam that keeps popping up. I get these occasionally. The first time, I ended up calling my local police. They explained that there are versions of this scam that target all kinds of service providers. They want to lure you into sending them money, and they do it by sending you…

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  • Using MAC with F1 Students

    MAC aka Music and Creativity PRogram: I love the extra projects and also Neils’s videos and seems there is a lot that is not part of F1 in MAC. Wondering if it woudl be a consideration to use MAC as a start to lessons (instead of F1) to benefit from what is not part of…

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  • Charging Fees per Level

    I will be teaching group lessons through the local Parks and Recreation Department. Since I have to have “sections” I have arranged them by levels running 10 weeks. The students also pay a lump sum for the 10 week session. To figure out the price I simply took how much I would charge for a…

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  • Hardly Making Money—Thinking About Quitting

    I have been teaching since October 2009 and I enjoyed teaching at first, but lately I’ve been getting very frustrated with Simply Music. Around here(Central IL) I can hardly get students, let alone get them to pay enough to make me a profit. I’m being paid $6-12/lesson and it is not enough to continue once…

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  • Managing Materials in Multiple Studios

    I also work in 3 different locations and found myself searching for the right materials. Sometimes I would leave one book at home or misplace one. (I always carry a copy of SHM notes and music books wherever I teach.) So, I have come up with a system that works really well for me. It…

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  • Tuition and Material Costs

    I’m a new teacher since September and have been charging my families monthly for their tuition and then invoicing separately for materials costs as they arise. As I look ahead to next year I’ve been wondering if there are other ways of doing this so that it doesn’t feel like I’m constantly asking them for…

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  • Spreading Materials Cost

    I’d seen someone talk about handling materials expenses by just upping the monthly fee to include a contribution toward materials, avoiding lots of separate administrative stuff with separate orders and such. I realized that I like this idea a lot, and I’ve run it by my students/parents, and there’s wide support for it. A couple…

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  • Outrageously Priced Materials?

    Who has a nice response to this missive that I received today? “I am happy to pay you for your time, and am overall pleased with the program (and with you especially), but paying for the books is more difficult when they are, quite frankly, outrageously priced. ” I do not really know what traditional…

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  • Collecting Evaluation Forms

    I was just wondering if anyone had any tips or insight on getting evaluations back in a complete and timely matter. For multiple reasons I have struggled with this, and while I know at the core is the fact that they are not doing what I ask when I ask, and I need to improve…

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  • Ensemble Playing with Jazz Clue 3

    I’ve got an online student powering through Jazz and about to start JC 3, who lives in the locked down city of Melbourne. I don’t have much experience myself with jazz ensemble playing and I want her to have fun with this. I’d like some advice regarding how she can manage it non live. Do…

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  • Release for Online Lessons

    I’m changing my enrolment forms to an online version and I’m stuck on how to word the media release section. In the past, the majority of my students declined the usage of photos/videos of students online for marketing purposes. I’m guessing that in other studios, students are given less or no opportunity to opt out.…

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  • Shocking Feedback can be Excellent Feedback

    I’d like recommendations on how to handle the feedback from this parent. (Please see below.) They’ve missed the last two and have only come to two classes, up to and finishing the “pentatonic” concept. The recreation only allows refund if they’ve requested for it before the start of the second class. I’m very shocked to…

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