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  • Show Playlist Online

    In your online lessons, how do you get students to show you their playlists? I get them to hold them up to their camera, make sure they mark them in dark pen, blue seems to work better than black I have my students send me a photo before class to signal that they are ready…

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  • Squidgies Position Change

    I’m learning to play Squidgies Boogie in level 4. I’m having a hard time understanding how to transition between the IV and I chords because I think “IV” ends on the very C that “I” should start with. I don’t see Neil’s hands do this transition in any of the training or SHMs. Can anyone…

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  • Airtable Studio Organization

    In response to a recent post asking for suggestions on spreadsheets and studio organization, I mentioned a free database software app I have used the past few years called “Airtable.” Airtable is a cloud-based database creator with really exciting possibilities, and the FREE version is quite robust. There are paid versions but they’re meant for…

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  • Friend Lesson Visit

    A parent just called to ask if she could bring her daughter’s friend to the lesson today. Partially because she is watching her, but the friend had been begging her own mother to go to piano with my student. I said it was fine. I’m just curious about logistics. I’m assuming I would need to…

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  • Rock Out Loud Live

    Just in case anyone else has not heard about this alternative to Zoom, I’m posting it here. Mike Grande, owner of RockOutLoud music school in NY, who just happens to also be a master coder/programmer, has created what looks to be one of the first video-conference apps created for music lessons! I’m testing it out…

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  • Adult Students Mutual Support

    Thoughts on creating some kind of buddy system opportunities for adult private students who could use some extra support beyond their own playing the coaching the role for themselves? I do have more than one, so I could approach my own to pose this to them. But I’m not sure they all want/need it, and…

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  • Returning to Lessons In Person

    I would love to start having face to face lessons when school starts, but I fear the liability is too great. This was confirmed to me by a businessman, stating to me if i open to teach I should have a release form signed by all. What are your thoughts? Are you going to do…

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  • Teaching Minor Scales

    Can someone recommend to me how they teach their students the Minor Scales? I teach major scales in the order of the circle of fifths. Then, I usually start with natural minor, and show the relationship with the relative major, since they have the same key signature When they know ballade really well I haven’t…

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  • Marketing Online

    Just want to share some things I’ve learned the past few months that I hope may help you in your journey with growing your student base. I am a newer teacher and just started really pursuing the possibility of doing this full time. Here are a few things I did to spread the word. Message…

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  • Solace of the Wind Key

    Jazz program.The key of Solace of the Wind. First off I might say it’s C Minor with it’s key signature and initial chord but it’s the final chord that’s supposed to be the final arbiter, right? And that’s A flat Minor. In fact the whole thing hangs together for me aurally but kinda wanders off…

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  • MAC Pedal Training

    I think I remember Neil mentioning that there’s a pedal training video in the MAC program. Does anyone know how to find this? I’m trying to figure out the best way to teach pedaling in online lessons, so I’d welcome your ideas. Thanks! I have recently taught it online. I did a Powerpoint presentation to…

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  • Avoiding Weekend Lessons

    Has anyone ever been through this…….. I don’t want to work weekends anymore. So I have to shift some students to midweek. I know I can make it work, but that means someone who already has a midweek spot, has to move to a later time to let siblings come back to back. I’m frightened…

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