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  • Playing with Other Musicians

    I’m realizing something is missing in my musical life. I want to make music with other musicians (apart from just my studio students). What do you all do to express yourselves musically in the community? I’ve always mainly played in educational/church settings. Now I’d rather jam but not sure where to reach out! Ruth, making…

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  • Students on Professionally Recorded CD

    To add value to my studio, I try to do as many activities as I can. I take my students to a recording studio every year. They record their music and cut a CD to take home. It is such a blast And my parents love it, they are so impressed. Love that! I so…

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  • Different Development Levels

    Any advice for grouping students who are in different Development levels? Can this be done, and if so, what does a typical lesson look like? Or, how do I teach the lesson in such a way that gives the most value to the students even though they would be in very different levels of the…

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  • Limited Access to Technology

    Talk to me about older adults and challenges accessing the technology. Is there still a way to order physical materials? What are other creative ways you have worked around limited access to technology? Hi Anna – no, physical materials are no longer available to purchase. I agree that can be a real challenge for technophobes.…

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  • Curriculum Classical Playlist

    At the request of a family, I pulled together this playlist featuring all the Classical pieces students are introduced to throughout the program. Feel free to share if it is useful to you! Check it out! Have you ever wondered what Classical music pieces are included in the Simply Music program? I’ve created a YouTube…

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  • Teaching Fur Elise A Section

    I’m generally very rigorous about following Neil’s instructions, since time and again I’ve come to understand why he does things the way he does. I’ve recently had a situation where I felt I had a good reason to do something a little differently from what he’d laid down, and it’s been successful, so I thought…

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  • When to Teach Happy Birthday

    Question: I have just signed on a Special Needs student. She is 9 years old. Her favorite song is Happy Birthday. Mum said they play that every day! I know we normally teach this at the end of Foundation Level 1 but I would like to teach it earlier. When do you think is appropriate?…

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  • Tablet for Organizing Print Material

    I was wondering if anyones uses a tablet for sheet music, reference books, note taking etc. I saw the “remarkable“ tablet and thought it might work. I would love to decrease and organise all my paper work. I use my iPad and it’s great! I save all SM reference books and music books into the…

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  • Grading Students

    Please help 🙈 I’ve been asked by two of my students to give them a grade for music (piano)? Is anyone able to advise me on the criteria for this? I keep finding myself wanting to draw from my traditionally trained brain but I don’t feel that this approach would be fair. TIA 🎶 I…

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  • Multiple Pianos vs One Piano

    LONG STORY SHORT: I’m looking for advice about shared lessons and expectations about having multiple pianos for students to use during the lesson. About a month ago, I received a call from a retired Simply Music teacher. Her long-time friend had observed her joy at teaching this method students years ago and now has three…

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  • Light Blue FABE Variation Rhythm

    I’m still having difficulty with the variation of Light Blue. Watching Neil over and over with the rhythm in the hands hasn’t helped me. Either it needs to be slowed down or written out for me so that I can SEE it. Could someone maybe give me the contrast in the last two bars for…

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  • Here to Stay Key and Chords

    I’m wondering if ‘Here To Stay’ from the Jazz program commences in the key of D minor and then modulates to A minor around the third line. I’ve had a student ask me why the g in the A11 chord is natural. Any thoughts? It is Amin, but for the fun of it (and further…

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