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Charge Parent Who Wants to Learn

I had an inquiry from a lady today, she and her daughter both want to learn. I was wondering since I require parents to attend lessons anyway, should I charge only one private fee? Two shared lesson fees?

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Complex Chords Beyond Accompaniment 1

First, how do you teach all the complex chords beyond the last Danny Boy piece in Accompaniment Book 1? Do you choose other lead sheets? Work on exercises with the other chords? Second, after Accompaniment Book 1, when is a...

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Emergency Cancellation

I am sad to say that my mother-in-law is very ill and may pass any day. I sent an email to my students and parents giving them a head's up. So if/when I have to cancel lessons, they will be...

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Student Resists Walking SDQ

One of my private adult students had agreed to start RR but when I did the first exercises with her (walking with SDQ's) she told me she did not feel comfortable as she feels this is more suitable for children....

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