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  • When Students Want to Learn Other Music

    What is the best way to handle when students request or bring in other music? I think this might have been a topic a while back! A girl brought in a pop song the other day and asked if she could learn it! I’ve never heard of it before! It was full of sixteenth notes…

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  • Lead Sheets

    I’ve just finished teaching honeydew with a group of 10-12 year olds and I would like to offer them some extra songs that they could play at home. I know some of you have a library of extra music and I’m thinking of starting something similar. I wondered if anyone could share with me a…

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  • Apologize by One Republic

    Have had a blast in class this week having kids play along to the current hit song Apologize by One Republic. Only four chords (cm, Ab, Eb and Bb) so anybody who is past Scarborough Fair in the Accompaniment book could do it and anyone over the age of 8 or 9 likely knows it.…

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  • Hand Drums for Reading Rhythm

    Here’s another getting ready for Reading Rhythm question: Has anyone used hand drums, rhythm sticks, etc. in shared lessons when working on RR? Do you find them helpful and fun, or distracting? Where do you find a good value on quality rhythm instruments? What else should I consider regarding rhythm instruments in Simply Music lessons?…

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  • Ideas to Teach Happy Birthday

    Hi everyone. I’ve had two students request to learn the Happy Birthday song. Any suggestions…SM method? I briefly came up with one but wondering if anyone else has a tried and true version to share? So easy and fun. I do not tell them what we are learning. I just show them and get them…

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  • Night Storm – Halloween Version

    My 7-year-old student and her Dad showed up today with these lyrics they wrote for Night Storm with plenty of copies for all, so all day my groups sang it. A little late for Halloween week but if you have students tomorrow have some fun with it and save it for next year. “HALLOWEEN IS…

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  • Father to Son Leger Lines

    Question about “Father to Son” in Development Level 16, that is not addressed in the teacher recording. My students and I have a hard time reading the music because it is difficult to see where the staff ends and the leger lines begin. Has anyone tried taking a colored pencil and outlining the staff? Or…

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  • Halloween Songs and Sounds

    I personally have experienced the power of a casual question, like “Did you write any music this week?” Last week one of my students casually asked me, “Are we going to have any songs for Halloween?” When I started looking for songs, I didn’t come up with much, so I got busy this past weekend…

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  • Halloween Piano Fun

    I just wanted to share how much fun my students are having with the classic “In the Hall of the Mountain King” song. I had forgotten how much repetition it involves until I found it in my Halloween music folder and could instantly see the 5SS with some Chester-like finger shifts and broken C chord…

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  • Chester Chills Out – Scary Lyrics

    Here’s a contribution from one of my 67-year-old students (sung to the tune of “Chester Chills Out”): Walking in the forest on a stormy night. Could not see the moon or stars. Oh, what a fright! Everywhere I looked I saw a scary sight. Then I woke up in my bed and sighed “All’s Right”!…

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  • Tic Tac Toe Games

    I thought I’d share the effectiveness of a game that someone mentioned on here awhile ago. I think I adapted it a bit, but not sure about the original post or what the suggestion was.  I play tic-tac- toe with my students to do review. I found this week that it was a great way…

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  • Games in the Classroom

    I enjoy reading the ECL mails, but don’t chime in very often. I thought I’d share one of my games: I get “Crazy 8” card games to work on intervals. The students have tokens at each end of the keyboard. When they draw a card they have to move their token by that interval to…

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