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  • Stories Behind the Songs for Students

    Neil Moore – can we share the videos of you telling the stories behind your compositions? If so, what’s the best way to access them? Any chance they could be on the website for students to easily see? I’ve made the videos public. They’re in their own Playlist. Here’s the link: Both of these…

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  • Location Point Example Pieces

    In the Reading Notes program, how are students supposed to decode Low C-1 and Low C-2 (pp 18-19) when they haven’t yet learned the location points of bass C and middle C? They’re not decoding it so much as recognizing it. You tell them what it is and where it is, they learn that two…

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  • Roman Numerals for Amazing Grace Variation 2

    I have a question about the Amazing Grace Variation from book two. How would you write the last line in I IV V format – from the vi, then F/D, F/G, and Fm. You wouldn’t write IV/2nd would you? Is it IV/6th? There are several different answers out there for this. I’m not sure anybody…

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  • Blues Infusion vs. B&I

    I would love some feedback please… as I really love the Blues Infusion Program (what I have seen so far of it) but also the Blues & Improvisation Program… My F6 student (who has also just completed TFMM and is working through the second part of Chord Drill) is beginning to really love the blues…

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  • 0246135 Order

    Have a random question about 0246135 in Accompaniment 2 (I checked simpedia and here before posting): What is the reason we go in the particular order of notes on the keyboard by skipping up to F# from E and back down to its natural scale (i also realize these don’t have anything to do with…

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  • What Problem Do We Solve for Clients?

    Often when doing business training, the first thing we are asked to find out is ‘What is the Problem we are solving for your clients?’ This stumps me every time. Of course I know all the benefits. However, I was wondering if any of you have looked at it from this angle and, if you…

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  • Sign and Send Certificates Electronically

    For Foundation certificates while still in lockdown mode- I am hoping there could be some way (through an app or software) to sign the certificate electronically and then just email the signed certificate to the student who has completed the level… has anyone done this, and how? (perhaps I should also ask if this would…

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  • Collaborative Teacher Training

    Here is the collaborative teacher training created and facilitated by Ian Belloso that Neil mentioned in his latest update. Really great information here, divided into three separate videos. Enjoy! I added time stamps to all the videos for easy reference. If you’re wondering “what’s inside” this training before you dedicate almost 90 minutes of…

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  • Anxiety About Teaching

    Does anyone get nervous or anxious giving a piano lesson? If so, has it been worse or better online vs in-person? I definitely get nervous playing for people at the FIS. Sometimes I do when teaching something that I haven’t taught before. I think I am less nervous online than I am in person. The…

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  • Making a Testimonials Video

    (MARKETING IDEA) I came across something that I’m looking forward to implementing. I know somebody who is in early implementer of the technology and is having great results. This is a system that allows you to capture professionally assembled testimonials in a video format. I could see this being particularly useful for those of you…

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  • Questioning Intervallic Reading

    Reading Notes – I have a couple of students currently, one senior and one middle school age, who seem to struggle with grasping the intervallic note reading process. Sometimes I wonder if it would be easier for certain students to learn note reading the old-fashioned way, by memorizing every note location on the staffs, but…

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  • Lesson Bomb Surprise

    Lesson bombs with Neil – has anyone told your students ahead of time rather than having it be a surprise? Would that be OK to do? Or perhaps telling them there will be a surprise guest and to choose a short piece or a 20-second excerpt of a longer piece to share? I told my…

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