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  • Teaching In Schools – Australia 

    I have many requests now for letters to approach schools so I thought it easier to post them all. Please contact Marg Green if you would like her to send you a copy – At the end of this Q&A are the following docs: 1) The Sample letter has had all the personal information taken…

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  • Webcam Recommendation 

    Am starting an on line student. Does anyone have a recommendation for a webcam to use with Macbook Pro   OSX  10.7.5.? I have used several, but always come back to Skype. I just gave my first Skype lesson yesterday. MacBooks Pros have a built in camera, which is what I used. This was a…

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  • Skype

    I’m attempting to teach a student (my mom) via Skype. We have the first lesson on Tuesday and spent way too much time trying to set up the cameras tonight. I have a MacBook, with a 2.4 GHx Intel Core 2 Duo processor, using OS X 10.6.8, and she has a new PC, using Windows…

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  • Receipts

    [question author="Joan H.,  Canada"] Greetings all – how do you provide receipts to students?  ie. to all, or by request only? 2ndly, is there any suggested format or type of receipt protocol to be aware of to use?  If you use a soft copy format, could you provide a sample? I started teaching in the…

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  • New Playlist & Notes Book Reviews

    Well, not only are the new Playlist and Notes books very useful, but Jy and Sheri’s TTM is fantastic. I love your wisdom and playfulness in presenting the material and we teachers get much more out of the tutorial than just learning how to use the new tools. Great tips on how to help students…

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  • Moonlight Sonata Triplets?

    A bit confused as to why there’s no triplet indication in Moonlight Sonata. Surely 4/4 ..should only have 8 1/8 th notes as written? I’ve seen versions of MS in common time (4/4), cut time (2/2), I’ve seen versions where the triplets are clearly indicated, and versions where they are not. Presenting the eighth notes…

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  • Dry Erase Boards

    We gave out Dry Erase Boards at the Symposium and some of you have been inquiring about them. They are great for PAS and Reading Rhythm. Here’s where I got them: In the meantime while someone sources an Australian version, an idea I have come up with that works fairly well for me is…

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  • Chairs for Studio

    Does anyone have a good suggestion for chairs for a studio? I need to have 12 to 15 chairs at a decent price. What kind do you have, and where did you get them? I can’t spend an arm and a leg. Just priced chairs with padded seat and backs for about $15.00 each. Very…

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  • Recording Device Recommendations

    Please can anyone recommend a small user friendly and economical recording device to enable me to use to send samples of my playing to my music teacher. Skype is not reliable in my area for live listening at a distance. Audacity is free and great for recording and editing. You can record directly into your…

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  • Recording – iPad, GarageBand or iTunes

    I’ve been recording students with my iPad and because I am pretty new in this matter, I’d need a little help. I have to take the sound out and send it the to Simply Music (my first 5 Foundation’s 1 students) as a MP3 file. Does anybody know how could I do that? I don’t…

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  • Audio Recordings

    I’m a brand new simply music teacher. I just started this month. My question is about doing audio recordings. I’m pretty good with a computer but I’ve never delved into recording audio. I understand how to record sound using my computer microphone but how do I record sound away from my computer. My piano is…

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  • Employ a Simply Music Teacher

    I am interested that you have an employee teacher. I am wondering how this works.. I am a brand new SM teacher, but yesterday another music friend (who I actually used to have a business partnership with running preschool music classes) mentioned to me that she would also love to train as a SM teacher,…

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