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  • My Recent Recital

    Last night I had some of my students performing at an end-of-the-school-year piano concert. Ages were 1st graders thru 9th grade. What fun! We had duets on the piano, piano and solo singers, accompanying audience sing-a-longs, original arrangements, etc. One little girl played 2 of her pieces on the church’s pipe organ. It was great!…

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  • Students Playing at Retirement Homes

    I mentioned in another post that my students have the opportunity once a month to play at a retirement center. We go to the same one each month. I just wanted to share last week’s experience playing there. I only had about 12 students sign up, and it went kind of fast. They each played…

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  • Student Concert – Lesson 10

    In my groups, I have a concert every ten weeks. I let them know about this during the first lesson, and really build it up. I also tell the students that it would be great to invite friends and family. Of course, having friends and family creates referrals, and also gives the students the chance…

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  • Recital Certificate

    Download Sheri Reingold’s RecitalCertificate

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  • Recital Ideas

    We ( the two of us who teach SM in our city) are hosting our first joint recital in a few weeks. Would love to hear from your voice of experience re: any tips or tools you have to share to make this a great experience for all – both to help students prepare for…

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  • My ‘Progressive Dinner’

    Thought I’d share some of the details of Friday night with you. Months ago I included a questionnaire with my monthly newsletter that asked the parents for ideas about different activities and/or outings that we could try as a studio. One parent suggested a progressive dinner. What developed was a combination progressive dinner and recital,…

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  • Longer Pieces in Recitals

    I’d like for students to have some longer pieces for the recital. Any thoughts on doing this? I could have students do some variations/arrangements together into one piece or perhaps have them make up their own variations for arrangements to add. Any thoughts on how to address the length question with parents? I’ve had a…

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  • Improvisation Games

    I recently had a recital in conjunction with another teacher and it was very successful. It was a noisy afternoon but lots of fun. All students played a piece of their choice. Then we had some accompaniment peices with words for everyone to join in. An 8 year old boy played Advance Australia Fair, and…

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  • First Recital‏ Ideas – All Level 1 Students

    Any suggestions for a new teacher with 22 students, all in Foundation 1, on how to organize a fun recital, where everyone participates with only the 10 foundation pieces + arrangements? My students range from 6 to 18 and two adults that I hope would participate. This won’t happen until we’re done with foundation 1…

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  • Sing-a-Long at Elder Care Center‏

    This May or June I’d like to give my students the opportunity to use their accompaniment skills for a sing-a-long at an elder care center. I’m looking for tips to make this a successful experience for everyone, students and audience alike. I’m wondering if it makes a difference what sort of center I pick. Are…

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  • Adult Student Recital

    I’ve appreciated the recent comments and ideas regarding a SM piano party. I’m wondering if any of you have some ideas specifically for older beginning students. I mentioned my plans for a piano “sharing afternoon” to my oldest student last night, and her smile morphed into a look of panic. She told me that she…

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  • My Informal ‘Music Party’

    I had my first recital yesterday. Well, more of a music party than a recital, as I only have 8 students. I wanted to provide an informal arena for them to show off their prowess on the piano without any pressure. They each invited 2 guests (plus a couple of extras) and came to my…

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