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Mad Libs Game

I checked out SImpedia and saw the idea of using Mad Libs with Christmas. It sounds super fun, but wonder if anyone could help me with more specific details how you set it up?

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High School Jazz Bands

I am wondering if anyone here has experience with high school jazz bands. One of my student’s parents emailed me telling me her daughter wanted to try out. She is a very talented student, quick learner, hard worker, etc. But...

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Readiness to Learn

Is there any such thing as readiness in the Simply Music process? I am teaching a very bright little girl who is 6, but she is struggling even with the five fingers over five notes after 6 lessons. She can...

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Chord Voicing

How would you answer this question from a parent? "Why does the way we learn 7th chords only have 3 notes? To make a F#m7, isn't that an A chord?" I'm very comfortable with the practical application of the voicing idea...

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