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  • Telephone Conversation

    I just started teaching this March, and I admit I heavily rely on ECL to learn and grow. It is such an amazing community! As I’m growing my studio, I’m having some situation, and I look forward to hearing from you to share your advice how to deal with people price shopping over the phone…

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  • Teaching a 5 year old

    Keywords: 5 year olds, groups, private I’m a new teacher in Medina Ohio, currently with 3 students and about to add 2 more. It’s already been interesting due to the varying ages and experience: I have a sister and brother (10 and 8 years old) and an experienced musician friend who plays guitar, can’t read…

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  • Students Missing and Getting Behind

    This was my first summer teaching groups, and it has been frustrating to say the least. With vacations and such, it just doesn’t work. It’s not even about the money because I can convince the parents to pay no matter what, but then the students/parents who don’t go out of town end up frustrated because…

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  • Starting Lessons with an Experienced Student

    I am pretty brand new – only taught 2 lessons so far. I have just got off from a phone conversation with a Dad. He has pretty much decided to have his son (7th grader with 5 years of traditional lesson) taking lessons from me. Still, I invited his family to come to my FIS…

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  • Skype and Cameras

    Those of you using Skype for lessons what do you recommend for the ‘best’ option for cameras and setting them up. I’m looking for a couple options that would include the highest quality then a cheaper option. My Skype lessons improved dramatically when I bought an iPad. I have an iKlip that clips onto a…

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  • Shared Lesson Distractions

    I had a horrible time last night with a shared lesson. I have two kids together in a shared lesson – ,my room is not big enough to have more than that. The two mums sat on the couch and chatted most of the way through, the bigger sister sat with us eagerly wanting a…

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  • Scheduling

    I’m starting my third year, and my studio just grew from 20 to 27. At the smaller size I had smaller classes, designed not only around age and ability but also around each family’s schedule. My scheduling process has been to ask each family what days/times they absolutely cannot attend, and then find a time…

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  • Scales

    I am going deeper into “scale” with my more advanced students in the Development Levels and in Accompaniment 2. Having come from a very extensive classical musical training, I understand scale, key signature, and advanced theory. However, a student has asked me, and I ask myself, “why scale? why does a musician need to practice…

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  • Requiring Recurring Payment for Tuition and Materials‏

    I am considering implementing credit/debit card payments for all my students’ monthly tuition and materials fees and have a few questions for those who are already doing this. I only have a few students right now and have had no problems with payment by check thus far, but I’ve been reading the email thread about…

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  • Softer Playing

    I have another question dear teachers. A student has asked for advice on how to play softer in the LH to which I have suggested practicing the repertoire p/pp to develop skill in playing softly. Hopefully, with practice, one can then maintain a softer LH at will. Any other ideas or insight? Do you mean…

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  • Processing Trills

    Hi Teachers, I’d love your input on how to coach a student through introducing a trill as this is not something I have learned myself. Up to this point controlling the events and breaking it down into groups/fragments and using a TLTR or similar clue has helped him enormously. How do you help your students…

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  • Simply Music for Guitar

    I recently met a local guitar instructor who is considering becoming a SM teacher but also apply the SM ideas/tools as much as possible to guitar. To what extent have any of you been able to do this with guitar? Obviously many principles like CTE and learning one process at a time, can be applied…

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