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Student Absences, Make-Up Time and Commitment

I'd love to get feedback on how you handle absences from students who are ill. I offer make-up lessons or even extended lessons to "make up" the time. Also, what about adults or youth who are so involved in other...

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Encourage or Console a Student Who Struggled in Performance

So how do you encourage or console a student who really struggled in performance? He did many things beautifully, but a few errors started to throw him off and it deteriorated rapidly with him visibly upset by the end. I...

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Easiest Way to Record Students, Save Files on Computer

What is the easiest way to record students? Does the voice memo that comes on my iPhone work (i.e. can I save them in files on my computer for when I apply for my certified teacher status) or is there...

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Triplets, Blues Scale Notes and Fingering

Is there anywhere in the program that explains how to count and play triplets? (of quarter, eighth or 16th notes)? When doing the blues improv in some keys, like Eb, the blues scale notes don't seem to fit with I,...

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