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  • Low Energy Group

    I’m a brand new teacher, just a month in. I’m teaching only shared lessons and have several groups of different abilities and ages. Overall, I love the energy of the group and all the different, engaging activities you can do with them. I have one group with lower energy. They’re all at that age where…

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  • Cathy Hirata’s Halloween Recital

    twas halloween eve and all though my house ran teeny little kids, even a mouse! (sorry… was the best I could come up with!) they ran to the piano and played with glee each 2 songs, very strange indeed not what I taught, but each changed the tune to match the holiday, oooooooo some with…

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  • Lessons After Summer Camp

    I received an inquiry from a Mom (referred by a mom of a current student) regarding lessons for her two sons, ages 6 and 8. She asked for evening times because the boys are in camp during the day. My experience with kids in camp during the summer is that they are tired and it’s…

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  • Self-Generating in Development Levels

    I’ve been pondering the self generative nature of the Developmental levels lately and how I can sharpen up my game. I have students up to L 15 atm. So I started crafting more How, Why, Discover What, I wonder if..’ type questions/phrases to sprinkle through the lessons and lesson notes. Then it occurred to me…

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  • Simply Music Rhapsody Explanation‏

    Simply Music Rhapsody was created for Simply Music by educator Lynn Kleiner. It is an Early-Childhood Music and Movement program and begins at birth. The focus is really joyful, playful music making with absolute purpose and intention at the heart. Parents get to experience and develop their own musicianship in the classes where they are…

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  • Preparatory Learning

    Tip for ya. I remember several teachers commenting a while back on how challenging it was to teach Sonata in C (Level 4) online. I have found that ‘preparatory learning’ has made this piece SO much easier to learn. Beginning a song or two before Sonata, I begin teaching the LH chords of Sonata as…

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  • Students Describe Reading

    Wanted to share something that’s been working well for me. I have one group of boys in level 7 that moves very quickly. To help them keep at their pace, I gave them an assignment to make a video of them describing the patterns, time signature, dynamic and tempo markings and anything else they notice.…

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  • Slowing Down Students

    What creative ways do you use to get students to slow down? I don’t know any creative ways, I just resort to tapping a slow beat, and getting them to play along to the audio slow version. I wonder if it is a stage they go through, when they think they are getting some mastery…

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  • Blues Infusion Flipped Classroom

    Wondering if anyone has used the Blues Infusion program in a “flipped classroom” way, where you send students to watch it on their own and follow up in class? I feel it could be a good extra project for students in groups who want more. No, but I’ve used it a ton, and I’d say…

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  • An Opportunity, An Invitation‏: Music Rhapsody

    I want to invite you to consider taking advantage of an opportunity to impact young children and families, find great pleasure in small things, and grow your studio in rewarding ways. I know you’ve heard about Music Rhapsody, the Early-Childhood music and movement program. This summer we had a Live Training with Lynn Kleiner, the…

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  • Defining Generative

    Since my email last night regarding the “Swim Coach” reference to teaching students who play better than you do, I’ve had a couple of emails asking about what exactly “Self-Generating” or “generative” teaching or learning is. What it means, in a nutshell, is the ability to figure something out on your own. Being self-generative could…

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  • Complex Rhythms

    Help me with teaching more complex rhythm. I’ve listened to the Reading Rhythm program multiple times but I feel like I’m missing something. With The Mirron, for example, there’s a lot of rhythm going on. The way I am used to figuring it out is by counting “1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +”…

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