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  • Piano Party Ideas

    I’ve been teaching for 2 years now and I realized one of the most common searches I do on the intranet is for games and ideas for my twice yearly Piano Parties (aka Really fun recitals). I’ve come up with some new ones and I thought I would share in case any of you are…

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  • Piano Hand Posture

    I have a new adult student in her late 50s who started with me last week. She was given a lovely digital piano from her husband for Christmas and given subsequent traditional lessons with the piano salesman which didn’t work out for her although her husband joined in and was great at it. She has…

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  • Piano Brand Recommendations

    I’m passing on a question from a student that I was unable to answer. They would like to purchase a baby grand and wanted to know which of these brands were the best: Wheinbach, Yamaha or Kohler and Campbell. Any preferences? I’ve heard that the pianos coming from Germany are the best – not sure…

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  • Patterns in the Reference Book

    Yesterday a coach asked me a question I really did not know the answer to fully. I promised I’d ask the ECL. Here goes: How important/crucial is it for students to fully understand the written patterns in the reference book and be able to explain them after they have learnt a song? How does it…

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  • Studio Location and Website

    Hello dear ones, sharing some marketing info here. I just started a high school student who found me online and picked me because I live close to her school. That was a revelation to me, that living near a school was a benefit. I also was walking my dog near the elementary school in my…

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  • Parent Complaint about Group Lessons

    For those of you who teach mostly in groups, how have you addressed complaints from parents about group lessons and the student to teacher ratio? (Meaning they feel their child isn’t getting enough ‘piano time’ in their new group lesson)? I teach mostly small groups. But some of you I know teach large groups of…

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  • Trying Out Lessons

    I have run three FIS’s over the past week, and have encountered a number of potential parents who use the phrase “we want to give it a go”. Now, I know this is a phrase we don’t like to hear necessarily – as “giving it a go” sounds quite temporary and portrays a lack of…

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  • Missed Lessons

    I have a family of 2 boys that are giving me problems with missed lessons. In the early spring of this past year the mom didn’t want to pay for missed lessons while they went on vacation so had them quit for the summer rather than finish out the 8 wks. that were left of…

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  • Using Ballads, Songs & Vignettes

    I’d like to talk about how I’m finding and using the Ballads, Songs and Vignettes recordings in my studio. There are so many aspects I’ve numbered them. Here are some benefits I see for my students . 1.They counter a mentality I often see that pieces have always got to be fast and ‘achievement’ oriented…

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  • Group Lesson and Language Barrier

    I have a student that is just starting with a few private lessons to catch her up to the group I want to add her to. My dilemma is that there is a huge language barrier. She is super smart and quick, has taken 2 years of lessons but only for playing by ear, no…

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  • Mirron and Jazz Program Pieces‏

    I have a student who is flying through the steps in the Jazz program. He can play the Mirron as a piano solo (with exact rhythm), with Jazz clue 1 and 2, and has almost completed all of the “dropping in” exercises for the the Mirron using just RH 3 & 5. He did all that in just a…

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  • Managing the Transition to Reading‏

    I have noticed that a difficult time for many parents is right before the reading program starts. At around 15 month point, parents are expecting their children to be reading fully and start to get afraid that SM will stunt their ability to read. I have been talking about the importance of building a vocabulary before reading when concerns come…

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