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Testimonial video: to use or not to use?

Paige S.

I’m still going through my TTMs so I can start doing FIS’s but I’m running into an issue I’m not quite sure how to solve:

The FIS requires playing the testimonial video, but our TV is in the living room and I’m going to be teaching in a separate room. I’d like to not have to use our main living space because my husband is usually doing stuff on his computer when he gets home (when I’d be teaching) and I don’t want either of us to be disrupting or distracting the other.

Is the testimonial video important enough to the process that I need to figure out a workaround right now, or would it be safe to do FIS’s without it until such time as we have either the means or the methods to show it in my teaching room? It seems like a small detail, but I know the FIS is important and it’s there for a reason, but we don’t have the kind of expendable income to spend on a projector or something (unless it can be played on a tablet, but I’m not sure how nice that is to have several families crowded over a small screen).

Amy L., California

I play it on my laptop. I introduce it by saying, “I’d like you to see this program through eyes other than just mine”.

Joy O., Alabama

There is a way to download the video, I think from the SM teacher site. I downloaded it and use a cable to run from my laptop to a TV screen. That way I don’t have to worry about internet issues causing it to stop in the middle.

Remember, anything you buy for use in your piano business is part of your business expense. So if you get a dedicated TV just for the piano room, you can write it off. Right now I just carry ours in there when I have an FIS coming up.

The video is a nice 10 minutes where I get to observe the families a bit more, sit down, take a moment, and then go back to the outline. I sometimes say, “Your results may vary” when Kerry tells about parents having to drag their kids away from the piano.

Anna J., Canada

I always find it a highlight of my FIS’s so if you can find a way to do it, I’d highly recommend it. I’ve shown it on my Mac too. It’s small, but it communicates the message. You could also send them the link in a followup email if they want to see it for themselves.

Joanne D., Australia

I have never used the testimonial video and have a high enrollment rate from FIS’s.

Marsha L., Virginia

I think it’s okay not to use it, but I’m still new and have only done a few FIS’s. I used the video myself, but it is a bit dated. I love the enthusiasm it shows for the program by parents and students, but I only showed the first five minutes (ending after Neil talks about the program). The later part has people talking about learning specific numbers of songs in specific amounts of times and it seems like they kept talking about how easy it was. I didn’t want to set up unrealistic expectations. I think the program has changed a bit since the beginning, and we are encouraged to go more into the special programs rather than teach as many songs as fast as we can.

Ian B., California

I just play it on my iPad (9.7 inches). It looks small sitting on the piano but the attendees don’t have to “crowd around the screen” because there aren’t really details they need to view. I play the audio through a Bluetooth speaker though and that makes a huge difference. I don’t consistently show the Testimonial video.