Free Introductory Session

Trial Lesson

Jessica H., Utah

I have a parent inquiring about lessons and asking to do one trial lesson. I think having her do the 4-song workshop or a 3-month trial is a better idea. What do you think?

Rebecca G., Colorado

I would say “Yes” and just do a free introductory session for her and the child – that is your “trial lesson”, and I always feel like people get more out of this than they bargain for because you’re giving them such a great overview of what to expect AND they get to learn part of a song.

Joy O., Alabama

A free introductory session can serve as a trial lesson. But your idea of asking them to try it for more than one lesson is solid. I ask students to commit to at least two months, but three is even better.

I’ve had a few who dropped after only one lesson! I say at my introductory session that two months is enough time to see if this is a good fit for them, but one or two lessons is not.

Joanne D., Australia

I always start with a free information session where they also learn either RH Ode to Joy or Dreams Come True (if they already can play Ode). It’s a great way to make sure the student and parent understand what they are getting themselves into! And whether you think they will be committed too.