Student Recognition

100th Lesson Celebration

Heather M., Australia

I have some students approaching their 100th lesson and would like to reward them with a special gift or outing when it happens. I think its an achievement worthy of recognition.

Do you have any ideas for an appropriate reward? Has anyone done this for their students?
(The 50th lessons went by with a wow and congratulations!)

Any ideas appreciated.

Missy M., Nebraska

I think the one-year anniversary or definitely the 100th lesson anniversary is a great time to provide a reward/gift to a student.

I know some teachers do a free month of lessons, but that is more for the parents than the kids.

This year I took two of my students to a Broadway production and each got to bring a parent. I got discount tickets and for all considered it was still less money for me than providing a free month of lessons.

It was definitely more memorable for them! You should have seen their faces!!! (We went to STOMP). It was relevant and I am sure it made an impact on their learning and their musicianship.

Hope that inspires you to do something special for your students!

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

I have made cupcakes and put a frosting “100” on the individual cupcakes. We just left a little time at the end to chat and eat. Simple but fun to celebrate a milestone and have a little recognition for sticking with it. At this point they have accomplished quite a bit!

Francis B., Nevada

How exciting this is! I used to be a Montessori teacher. We did a student(s)-teacher date. It would depend on your budget, but these were some ideas we have done as teachers at the school:

  • Pizza party
  • Bowling
  • Picnic at the park

In regard to music:

  • Maybe to a music concert (we have concerts here in Vegas at the Recreational Center that are reasonably priced)
  • Dinner at restaurant where there is a live music (We have Lucille’s here in town and they have a live Blues group that plays at the restaurant)
  • Maybe an interesting book on your favorite musician
  • Artistic looking Music Journal for their inspiration to record lyrics to their own compositions, or anything they want to write in it that musically inspires them, you could add your favorite motivating quote/poem in it with a picture of you and your student(s) to mark the date of the 100th lesson.

Hope this might get you brainstorming on ideas that would suit you and your children!

Congratulations to you and your dedication as their teacher!