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Two Pianos/Keyboards

Joan H., Canada

Does anybody use 2 pianos/keyboards in their studio? I just landed a great deal on a 1983 hardly used Yamaha (made in Japan for the Canadian market so my piano tuner tells me it is is excellent!) so I currently have 2 Yamaha pianos in my very small studio. I want to hang onto my older one so I can reclaim it when one of my kids moves out and wants their own, so considering whether to loan it out to a friend long term, or make room for it if there was enough value added to have two. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Heidi M., Canada

I occasionally use second one if I want to play a duet with one of my adult students who (due to his larger body size) it is more comfortable and more practical for me to sit at another keyboard 🙂

Maureen K., California

I have my students “jam” together a lot. One plays a backing track on the keyboard like Jackson Blues or Honey Dew. Another solos at the piano on the blues or pentatonic scale. Another is on a melodica or toy keyboard and takes a turn at soloing too. Another is on a percussion instrument.

Of course, you could have a backing track player and a soloist on the same piano, and collect easier-to-store smaller instruments for additional soloists, so I can see going either way!

Original discussion started May 7, 2019