Webinar Series: 01/12/2018 – Gateway – Enhancing Your Students’ Experiences Through Singing

Found in: Special Needs & Learning Differences, Webinars with Karen Nisenson

Vocalizing and singing adds a rich dimension to your lessons with students who have special needs. Karen talks about why that is, how to do incorporate it into your lessons, and answers teachers’ questions about students with various ability levels with regard to verbal communication.

Topics include:

  1. Background: The Benefits of Singing (00:00)
  2. Levels of Vocalizations (03:26)
  3. When to Introduce Singing (08:06)
  4. Nonverbal Student (11:06)
  5. Working with an Older Adult on the Spectrum (13:43)
  6. Role of Parent/Caregiver in Lessons (19:06)
  7. How to Handle Student Shutting Down (21:21)
  8. Very Shy Student Doesn’t Want to Vocalize (26:54)
  9. Suggested Goals (31:51)
  10. Student with Limited Vocalization Ability (33:01)
  11. Letting Go of Self-Judgment (37:56)
  12. Using Music from Adult Student’s Childhood (41:19)

Click through the video below to hear Karen discuss the previously stated topics.