Blues & Improv question

Susan M., Canada

In project 7C of Blues & Improv, students work towards inventing phrases spontaneously. With the invention part (when students start to vary the rhythm in each measure), is it expected that students play the 4 notes in the same order each measure and only vary the rhythm for each measure? Example: BMTM each time, but different rhythm per measure. Or can they mix both order and rhythm each measure?

Mark M., New York

We move from singles riffs, to humpty riffs, to humpty improv, to hickory riffs, to hickory improv. Riffs in these projects mean the same pattern of rhythm and fingering. Improv in these projects mean whatever rhythm and whatever fingering. Fingering continues to be limited based on the particular projects — i.e., 135, 1357, or blues scale fingering. Within those constraints the “whatever” applies.