Adult Students

Combining private students into a group

Heidi M., Canada

I am considering putting two (currently private) adult students into one small group of two. They are at the same level (almost finished F1) and progressing at around the same rate but have very different strengths. One loves to improvise but also tends to rush her playing. The other one finds improvisation harder but her practicing/playing is more relaxed and not so rushed, maybe at times too slow, if that is possible. They are both a delight to teach already (privately) but I’m tending to think they could be a good influence for each other in a small group. I welcome comments based on your experiences with that kind of situation.

Ian M., Indiana

I agree – I think it could work. No reason not to try it, especially if they’re willing.

Anne S., Nebraska

I would not hesitate to put them together. As you said, they can be a good influence on each other. Adult groups are a lot of fun too!

Leeanne I., Australia

I totally agree. Hopefully they will learn from each other.

Pamela S., Missouri

It is a wonderful combination! They will be great example for each other! My adult students that are grouped also have different strengths and it works out well.

Robin T., China

They will love it.

Ruth P., North Carolina

Group adult lessons are awesome! My folks become good friends, meet for lunch, and play outside of class together.