Playing-Based Methodology

The Power in Using the Practice Pads

Ramona H., Alaska

I had an interesting lesson today – something new! I teach my Wednesday lessons at a local little church – several lessons back to back, so there’s no time for any late starts. It’s a nice facility and works really well for my lessons.

I arrived at my usual time today (15 minutes before the lesson) and found that the church was locked, with no key in its usual place. Hmmm . . . my first student, an adult woman, was already on her way, so I needed to make a quick change of plans. I made a few frantic phone calls regarding the key, and a plan was put in motion for someone to drive a new key down to the church (15 minutes away). Meanwhile, my student drove up. As I walked to her vehicle, I was still formulating “what to do”, and decided on the spot that the lesson would go on.

I quickly explained the situation, and told her we’d learn a new song while we waited . . . so, we sat in the front seat of my car, (with the first snow of the season falling outside) and with the Practice Pad I taught her Jackson Blues! We even reviewed Dreams and Night Storm, and I picked up on a little mistake she was making on NS. We really were doing fine when the key arrived, but moved on inside and she played Jackson Blues quite successfully at the piano!

So, moral of the story is – if you’re ever without a piano at your piano lesson, pick up the Practice Pad, and off you go! Chalk up another benefit of the Simply Music method!