Reading Rhythm: Application of S D Q


There is a section in the READING RHYTHM TTM videos where Neil discussed the efficacy of learning SDQ because in more advanced pieces the approach can be applied to the relationships of 8th, 16ths, and 32nds.

This makes perfect sense to me but, I am wondering where the application of that happens. It wouldn’t come up with most students during RR itself because the curriculum only progresses to 16ths. Is there further discussion of faster rhythms in TFMM or Development levels?

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

No Ian, Neil doesn’t extrapolate further in any TTMs. I think it’s meant for teachers to just apply the concept later on. Neil did do a workshop several years ago at a teacher conference where we applied this concept to complex rhythms. There is a video of that workshop that will eventually be available in the library. If there’s a lot of interest in this, I could do a webinar on it.

Ian B., California

Similarly, the SDQ categorization would work well for converting more complex time signatures where the bottom number changes (3/8, 4/2, 12/16, etc).