Adult Students

Supporting a student who needs a break

Heidi M., Canada

One of my students will have a baby in a couple of months and she already has three other children, so she said she will need a break at that time. Any suggestions how to support her to keep up with her piano journey at this time? She absolutely loves SM and is making great progress, and she is a wonderful imaginative improviser and composer. I was thinking of offering her a once-a-month lesson instead of her having to totally stop, and certainly invite her to any of my music parties I host at home. Just wondering what else any of you more experienced teachers have done in such situations.

Anna J., Canada

I think sometimes support on the journey can look like permission to take a break too. I think you’ve got some great ideas here already, but I might just suggest following her lead. For me, having that 4th baby was a huge transition and she may just honestly need a little break and some space without a lot of other expectations. If she’s keen on SM and has been motivated and playing, I’m sure she can manage a break without losing too much momentum.

Leeanne I., Australia

I had a student have her first child last year. I told her she would need a break to settle in with her baby. Unexpected issues can arise, so just let her know to take whatever time she needs.

Jacqui G., Canada

The arrival of our fifth child was the last straw for my piano lessons. I meant to take a “break” and resume – but the break stretched to 25 years, when I discovered Simply Music. So I would say that yes, she will need a complete break, but work with her to plan a return strategy. Also, reassure her that taking a break will not cause her to lose everything she has learned. The brain is an amazing organ, and it will all be there waiting for her.