Webinar Series: 07/18/2018 – Piano – Music & the New Case for Creativity

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The Introductory Session has always been a successful marketing tool for Simply Music teachers. However, we live in a different world now than when the FIS was first created. We now have the opportunity to share how learning with the Simply Music method can equip students with ‘critical neurological nutrition’ to help them thrive in an unpredictable and ever-changing world. Every Simply Music teacher can benefit by incorporating this dialogue into their lives.

  1. Background of FIS Format (00:05)
  2. Why a New Conversation is Needed (06:54)
  3. Our Unique Opportunity (13:22)
  4. Music Education’s Role in the Future (20:11)
  5. A New Dialogue – Overhauling the FIS (32:34)
  6. Evolving Our Communication (40:55)
  7. Resources for Teachers (48:29)

Click through the video to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.