Composition & Improvisation

Improv duet ideas

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

Improv duet ideas (student/teacher):

  • 3-note improv with any blues song (G-A-Bb, G-Bb-C, C-Eb-F). Choose any of these combinations for the student to improv on while you play a blues song.
  • 5/5, 1 on A with Night Storm Accompaniment arrangement
  • 5/5, 1 on C with Dreams Come True Accompaniment arrangement
  • Black notes with Life Song lower part (in Time for More Music)
  • White notes with Honey Dew or Amazing Grace

These are good for beginner students or anyone who doesn’t play yet, to give them the experience of creating something that sounds great.

Maureen K., California

  • Pentatonic notes in C (C D E G A) while another plays Jackson Blues or Bishop Street Blues (or any blues progression) or Honey Dew
  • Honey Dew and Dreams Come True

Nicole O., California

  • Australian Waterfall (lower) with any white notes (upper)
  • Chester Chills Out arrangement 1 with blues triangles

Anna J., Canada

Any white notes with Whisper chords from Accompaniment 1.