Jazz Clues

Question about Touch of Jazz songs

Stephen R., California

Is there any reason why “Solace of the Wind” and “Here to Stay” are played so differently on the audio than the written music? I’m sure students are going to be asking me about that. They sound very different than how I played it from the written music.

Joanna D., Australia

A jazz musician’s interpretation? Creative license?

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

I think it’s simply a matter of the music being played true to form in the jazz style, which includes a lot of ‘ebbing and flowing’ in the rhythm. It’s a great opportunity for a discussion and not being too rigid as a musician – retaining the feel of the song but allowing for personal interpretation, especially in this genre.

It might be fun to use the recording as a rhythm transcribing exercise…which could help know when to play the Jazz Clue 4 rhythms – especially on Solace.