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Stool for Young Students

Heidi M., Canada

Those of you who teach very young children (age 5-6), do you use a special kind of stool for them that is different from what older students or adults use? I have 2 piano stools, the one I use for very little children is a bit higher so that their lower arm can be parallel to the ground and not having to reach up. I got it at a piano store. But the little ones usually want to slide off and sometimes they say they want to play standing, and I let them do that. However I would like them alternately to feel comfortable with sitting too. Any suggestions? perhaps a small support for their feet so their feet are not dangling?

Stephen R., California

Yes, I would get a piano foot stool. That’s what I just did. A variety of options online. Young students should have feet on a flat surface if they can’t reach the floor. It’s better for posture and balance.

Shirley W., Australia

I bought a step to rest their feet on otherwise they are dangling around and “accidentally” kicking the piano!

Original discussion started December 15, 2018

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