Webinar Series: 03/13/2018 – Piano – Crafting a Dialogue: Benefits of Learning with a Teacher

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Online self-study piano courses and YouTube instructional videos are here to stay. There are populations of people who can benefit from those, who otherwise would not have the opportunity to, or choose to, learn with a teacher. We as educators are still a vital resource for everyone else; however we must learn to embrace the benefits of self-study programs while clearly communicating the benefits of what we offer with Simply Music lessons.

Topics include:

  1. Introduction: Technological Transformations (00:05)
  2. Technology in the Education Industry (05:26)
  3. Self-Study Programs (SSPs) vs. Teacher-Directed Programs (TDPs) (11:44)
  4. Benefits of Self-Study Programs (15:32)
  5. Benefits of Teacher-Directed Programs (26:37)
  6. What We Need to be Clear About (39:03)
  7. Communicating the Benefits (47:38)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.