Webinar Series: 10/25/2017 – Gateway – Open Forum with Karen Nisenson

Found in: Special Needs & Learning Differences, Webinars with Karen Nisenson

In this webinar the Gateway Teacher Training Program is summarized, and teachers ask questions about teaching their students with autism, cerebral palsy, and other learning and processing difficulties.

Topics include:

  1. Teacher Input on Gateway (00:00)
  2. Student with Cerebral Palsy: Non-verbal, Fine Motor Issues (01:46)
  3. Teacher Mindset (17:06)
  4. Comparisons Between SMG & SMP (18:35)
  5. About the Gateway Teacher Training (22:03)
  6. Undiagnosed Student: Memory & Processing Issues (30:41)
  7. Working with Parents (37:27)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.