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Jazz Clue 2 question

Joanne D., Australia

I’m processing Jazz Clue 2 in my Touch of Jazz book and have a question. Do you use the minor 7th for all chords except Major 7th chords? i.e. 13th chords, 11th chords, diminished, etc.

Maureen K., California

If it says Maj7, play major 7. If it says just 7, play the dominant 7 (the flat 7th). Something that may help: in a 7th chord, “Maj” refers to the 7th. But most everything else refers to the chord triad, not the 7th. So CMaj7 means a C chord with a major 7. But Cmin7 means a C minor chord with a (flat) 7.

In the 11th, 13th, and diminished chords, the 7 is flatted (dominant 7th).