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Jazz Clues Chord Voicings

A teacher asks particular questions about Jazz Clues and chord voicings. Here is Neil Moore’s response. Jazz Clues Voicings for min7b5, 11th, 13th chords etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6mpAMD83TM&list=PL3o0aF_9qHn4F2sy8QRuPb_jf_r4D9823&index=23 Original video posted March 23, 2017

Jazz Clue 2 question

I’m processing Jazz Clue 2 in my Touch of Jazz book and have a question. Do you use the minor 7th for all chords except Major 7th chords? i.e. 13th chords, 11th chords, diminished, etc. If it says Maj7, play major 7. If it says…

Processing Chords

What strategies and games have people developed to help students process chords beyond the major triads? My class is at a point where we can find I IV V, so I have multiple strategies for processing and really getting students to nail the major chords,…

Acc 1 – Last Song – Danny Boy

I worked my way through the Accompaniment 1 program a while ago but I’m still trying to successfully play the last song, Danny Boy. In measure 9, it has Db+. What does this mean? Plus what? Is this a typo? Also, can someone explain the…