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Blues Ensemble Approach

This is a question about The Blues Improv Program. When we get to The Ensemble Approach Project #15, when you use the Bishop Chords or 13ths in the LH and the Blues Scale in the RH, my students say it doesn’t sound good when we…

Jazz Clues Chord Voicings

A teacher asks particular questions about Jazz Clues and chord voicings. Here is Neil Moore’s response. Jazz Clues Voicings for min7b5, 11th, 13th chords etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6mpAMD83TM&list=PL3o0aF_9qHn4F2sy8QRuPb_jf_r4D9823&index=23 Original video posted March 23, 2017

Dark Blue Tailpiece Chords

Can anyone please tell me: what are the chords in the tailpiece of Dark Blue? Pretty sure those chords are Db6/9, Gb13, Cm6/9. So, what Maureen said – 9, 11, 13th chords must include the 7th. With the 6 and 9 added but no 7th,…

Jazz Clue 2 question

I’m processing Jazz Clue 2 in my Touch of Jazz book and have a question. Do you use the minor 7th for all chords except Major 7th chords? i.e. 13th chords, 11th chords, diminished, etc. If it says Maj7, play major 7. If it says…