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Question about Workshops

Joy O., Alabama

I would love to grow my studio from the plateau of about 20 students to more like 50. One thing I want to do is add Workshops. I see a 6-minute training on Workshops in Business Support. Where else would you suggest I look?

Also, does anyone have experience and advice on Workshops that you would like to share here?

  1. How do you advertise it?
  2. How do you price it?
  3. What do you wish you had known before holding your first workshop?

I’m planning for six weeks at a rate that would be less than two months’ tuition, but more than one month. I would offer to waive the registration fee for students who convert and sign up as regular students.

Eric R., California

You might look into hosting a workshop at a public library. It might be hard to convince them to do it for pay but it would be a really good feeder into your program.

Leeanne I., Australia

My advice would be, be careful what you say in your advertising and in your first conversation. I think it is really important that prospective students know that the workshop is just to give them a taste of what Simply Music Piano lessons are like. I did one advertising campaign through Facebook over the summer and only had one inquiry. I charged the same price as a shared lesson. These students did sign up for regular lessons are are still with me.

I think the Workshops are great for families who aren’t sure whether they will like piano or aren’t ready to fully commit.

Marsha L., Virginia

I just finished two workshops, one with three students and one with two. All five students signed up to continue with lessons at the end. I posted a little bit about it on my Facebook with a link to my website where they could learn more. No one signed up after the first post, but when I posted it a few weeks later, I had five sign up.I required them to attend an FIS first. I’m no expert, but I thought they were successful and plan to try again in a couple of months.