About Reading, and Using the Playlist with More Advanced Students

Found in: Practicing & Playlists, Reading

I was traditionally trained and love to read music. There is something very liberating and satisfying to being able to pick up almost any kind of intermediate (a traditional term) level music and be able to play it right now. Yet at the same time, that is only one aspect of being a pianist, and it is what I was restricted to before Simply Music.

Now, those boundaries are removed. And I would ask any student who is solely focused being able to read, “Do you want to be able to express yourself at the piano or are you only interested in expressing someone else?” Because, as good as I’ve gotten at expression while sight reading, I’ll always be restricted to what the music itself allows, and quite often I’ve discovered that what I’m feeling or knowing just isn’t being adequately communicated by someone else’s written music. It’s kind of like eating cold pizza – it’s pizza, and when you’re hungry it’s ok, but nothing like when it’s hot and melted.