Webinar Series: 08/10/2017 – Piano – Long-Term Relationship Conversation

Found in: Claiming Territory, Practicing & Playlists, Relationships, Shared Lessons, Student Management, Webinars with Neil Moore

In this webinar Neil talks about the Long-Term Relationship Conversation and its importance in and out of the class room.

Topics include:

  1. Critical Nature of the Long-Term Relationship Conversation (00:00)
  2. “Something’s Wrong” Mindset (03:00)
  3. The Design of Upset (05:45)
  4. Parents/Coaches Who “Don’t Get It” (13:34)
  5. Feeling that Coaches are Overwhelmed (21:43)
  6. Your Passion & Conviction – the Big Picture (28:56)
  7. Dealing with Students’ Prolonged Valleys (32:56)
  8. Normalizing Expectations (37:26)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.