Webinar Series: 11/29/2017 – Piano – How Unfulfilled Expectations Impact Your Studio & Your Results

In this webinar Neil talks about the design of upset, what that means specifically and how to manage, and more importantly, prevent upset from occurring. This includes developing an understanding of some underlying dynamics in your relationships with students and coaches with regard to expectations. Topics include: The Design & Mechanics of Upset (00:11) Identifying the Type of Upset (10:59) Student Expectations, Teacher Expectations (15:43) Studio Example – Coach Expectations (19:02) Preventing & Identifying Upset (26:22) Adult Beginner Expectations (28:50) Normalizing Expectations (31:46) Studio Example: Teacher Expectations (34:57) Studio Example: Coach Expectations (43:37) Distinguishing the Source of Upset (46:44) Click Read more

Webinar Series: 10/24/2017 – Piano – Developing Strong Communication Skills

Neil discusses some the components of powerful communication in this webinar. Learn how you can ensure that your studio requirements are clearly understood and met by your students and coaches, thus maximizing your success as a teacher and your students’ success with their lessons. Topics include: What is Communication? (00:00) How to Communicate Powerfully/Critical Foundation (07:11) Impact of Liking/Not Liking Students (10:54) Alignment & Clarity with Requirements (15:50) When Requirements Are Not Met (26:07) Sample Conversation With Students Not Adhering to Requirements (36:02) Believing in Someone vs. Standing for Someone (37:44) Miscellaneous Teacher Questions (42:39) When Parent/Student is in a Read more

Webinar Series: 09/21/2017 – Piano – Confronting Your Fear of Shared Lessons

In this webinar we discuss some of the real and perceived challenges of teaching shared lessons, as well as the importance of the teacher’s mindset with regard to shared lessons. Topics include: Three Critical Questions (00:00) “Everyone Wants Private Lessons” (04:18) Evolving Shared Lessons (14:49) Introversion vs. Fear (23:46) Managing Behavior Issues (32:59) Managing Different Learning Paces (37:17) Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.  

Webinar Series: 09/27/2017 – Gateway – Behavior Issues: Dealing with the Student & Parent

Working with students who have profound processing differences requires a different mindset in order to achieve a successful outcome. This webinar dives into this simple yet crucial difference and addresses some very common concerns about working with special needs students. Topics include: About the Gateway Program (00:00) Connecting with the Student (03:26) About ‘Patience’ (07:45) Common Concerns Addressed in TTMs (10:44) Specific Student Example (15:09) Dealing with Parent ‘Agenda’ (23:10) Relationship with Parents (34:43) What if I’m Afraid to Try Gateway? (45:15) Click through the video below to hear Karen discuss the previously stated topics.

Webinar Series: 08/15/2017 – Piano – Maximizing Success with the Reading Program

In this webinar Neil describes how the the Simply Music Reading Program was developed and shares insights into getting the best results from this part of the Curriculum. Topics include: Evolution of the Simply Music Reading Program (00:00) Critical Readiness Elements for Students (10:17) Creating a Broader Context (12:45) Recognizing Patterns in Music (22:17) Students Learning at Different Paces (31:33) Ideas to Reinforce Location Points (37:16) Information Processing: 7-year-old vs. 70-year-old (39:08) Cultural Perceptions & Expectations (41:28) Prior Experience Blocking Progress (43:45) Remediating a Student with Reading Problems (49:50) Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously Read more

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