Webinar Series: 07/27/2017 – Piano – Claiming Territory

Found in: Claiming Territory, Foundation Session, Relationships, Student Management, Studio Communication, Webinars with Neil Moore

In this webinar Neil talks about one of the three critical foundational conversations – Claiming Territory, and answers some common questions from teachers about establishing and regaining territory in lessons.

Topics include:

  1. Where Most Studio Issues Originate (00:08)
  2. Understanding ‘Claiming Territory’ & Boundaries (05:22)
  3. Allowing Problems to Persist (12:37)
  4. Recognizing When Students Claim Territory (18:27)
  5. Addressing Territory Issues (29:12)
  6. Students Wanting to Expand Relationship with You (33:09)
  7. Consequences, Expectations & Promises (35:51)
  8. Studio Parents Who are Close Friends (39:14)
  9. Reclaiming Territory (42:03)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.