Webinar Series: 02/16/2018 – Gateway – Spotlight on Parent/Coach Role

Found in: Coaches, Relationships, Special Needs & Learning Differences, Webinars with Karen Nisenson

The role of the parent or coach with Gateway students can differ quite a bit from the role they play in the Simply Music Piano program. Learn why this is often necessary, ways in which you can still keep parents involved, and hear some real-life examples of how to do so.

Topics include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Initial Steps for Teachers
  3. Talking About Gateway & Expectations
  4. Teacher Relationship with the Student
  5. How to Involve the Parent
  6. Teacher Question: How to Encourage a Parent
  7. The Big Picture – How Music Can Impact the Student
  8. Teacher Question: Appropriate Ages for Gateway
  9. Teacher Question: Dealing With Reluctant Student
  10. Keeping Parent Expectations in Mind
  11. Lesson Length – Staying Occupied
  12. Teacher Question: How to Handle a Rigid Coach
  13. Teacher Question: Role of the Parent for Home Practice

Click through the video below to hear Karen discuss the previously stated topics.