Webinar Series: 03/12/2019 – Piano Stories Behind the Songs, Part 2

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Continued from Piano Stories Behind the Songs (Part 1), Neil shares the inspiration behind many of his songs and song names, beginning in Foundation Level 5 through Development Level 12.

Topics include:

  1. Introduction (00:05)
  2. (FL5) Shoo-Fly, The Gaz, Sit By My Side (02:59)
  3. (FL6) Chorale, One More Time (09:24)
  4. (FL6) Classical Pieces, Home (13:11)
  5. (FL7) Old Man Whistle, Church Song (17:24)
  6. (FL7) Miles, ‘57 12/8 Blues (20:25)
  7. (FL8) Shadow, D-Part (23:41)
  8. (FL8) Caught Between the Daybreak, Beautiful Boy (26:48)
  9. (FL9) Walk at Eleven, Panther, Moonlight (31:23)
  10. (D10) Lost, Pauly’s Patter, Gold (37:10)
  11. (D11) Can I Share My Heart, On This Day (45:12)
  12. (D12) Sky High, Soliloquy, Time for More Music Pieces (51:55)

Click through the video to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.