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Solace of the Wind Key

Jazz program.The key of Solace of the Wind. First off I might say it’s C Minor with it’s key signature and initial chord but it’s the final chord that’s supposed to be the final arbiter, right? And that’s A flat Minor. In fact the whole…

MAC Pedal Training

I think I remember Neil mentioning that there’s a pedal training video in the MAC program. Does anyone know how to find this? I’m trying to figure out the best way to teach pedaling in online lessons, so I’d welcome your ideas. Thanks! I have…

Panther Digital Materials Different

I’m working on learning Panther in Level 9. Is there a reason that the final chord in the printed music is not played in the demo or taught in the teacher or student videos? Cool chord–assuming it’s a reference to “Pink Panther”. Ha, even I…

Key Signature Flat Not Played

Having trouble wording an answer for a student. He’s perceptive and quick, and he asked me today why there’s a flat in the key signature for First Signs of Winter when there is never actually a B played in the song. How would you explain…

Jazz Clues Chord Voicings

A teacher asks particular questions about Jazz Clues and chord voicings. Here is Neil Moore’s response. Original video posted March 23, 2017

Happy Birthday in Any Key

A teacher asks if Happy Birthday is in the Curriculum. Neil Moore teaches how to play it in any key. Original video posted March 27, 2017

Transitioning from Learn-at-Home Program

Neil Moore discusses the Learn-at-Home Program: its origins, transitioning students from it into the Simply Music Piano curriculum, differences, materials. Original video posted April 4, 2017

Remembering Compositions

Below is an email from a parent. Any advice on strategies I could suggest? This student has been with me for about 6 months. He is in first grade and is moving through Foundation pieces at a just-under-average pace. I have noticed memory is an…

Moonlight Sonata 9th

Question on Moonlight Sonata. In bar 8 the last beat, the 2 notes are 9th apart. Are we expected to play that in one hand? Here’s how Kerry. Original discussion started May 4, 2020

Importance of Improvisation

Visiting a teacher’s lesson recently, Neil Moore was asked by one of the students, to say more about the importance of improvisation. Here’s his response. Original video posted May 11, 2020