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Using Ballads, Songs & Vignettes

I’d like to talk about how I’m finding and using the Ballads, Songs and Vignettes recordings in my studio. There are so many aspects I’ve numbered them. Here are some benefits I see for my students . 1.They counter a mentality I often see that…

Father to Son Leger Lines

Question about “Father to Son” in Development Level 16, that is not addressed in the teacher recording. My students and I have a hard time reading the music because it is difficult to see where the staff ends and the leger lines begin. Has anyone…

Moonlight Sonata 9th

Question on Moonlight Sonata. In bar 8 the last beat, the 2 notes are 9th apart. Are we expected to play that in one hand? Here’s how Kerry. Original discussion started May 4, 2020

Webinar Series: 03/12/2019 – Piano Stories Behind the Songs, Part 2

Continued from Piano Stories Behind the Songs (Part 1), Neil shares the inspiration behind many of his songs and song names, beginning in Foundation Level 5 through Development Level 12. Topics include: Introduction Introduction (00:05) (FL5) Shoo-Fly, The Gaz, Sit By My Side (02:59) (FL6)…