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Mapping Strategy

Susan M., Canada

Could someone explain the “mapping” strategy? I’ve noticed it a few times in the TTM, but I’d like to make sure I understand it completely.

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

Here is an official definition:

Observing any section or piece of music as a series of shapes, and assembling those shapes across the ‘geography’ of the keyboard in a way that allows for a scenario/landscape/greater picture to be observed.

Sheri R., California

In case anyone needs an example to clarify this definition (I love examples!) Canon in D in Level 7 used the mapping/geography of mountain shapes (DM chord), hill shapes (Bm chord), valley shapes (F#m), plains shapes (GM chord). Such a great concept for faster/easier learning!!

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

I remember Neil mentioning (maybe in Canon in D?) that it helps some people to even create a little story around the mapping – e.g. I climbed the hill, then skiied down, walked over and climbed another hill….. you get the idea.

Original discussion started December 11, 2018

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