Webinar Series: 04/19/2018 – Piano – Ask Neil Anything

Found in: Blues, Coaches, Composition & Improvisation, Relationships, Webinars with Neil Moore

This webinar is driven by teacher questions. Topics range from the rationale behind some of the curriculum to supporting coaches to the future of Simply Music. Enjoy!

Topics include:

  1. Intro: Funny Story About Neil (00:05)
  2. Helping Parents be ‘Requirement-Based’ (2:06)
  3. How Teachers Can Improve Their Rhythm Skills (12:55)
  4. Engaging All Students in Shared Lessons (20:04)
  5. Rationale for Repertoire of 30-40 Songs (28:13)
  6. Reason for Notation Changes in Foundation Music (31:23)
  7. Blues Songs – More Common Keys Used (33:58)
  8. Developing Our Own Creativity (Toward Simply Music’s Vision) (37:46)
  9. Future of Simply Music (44:25)
  10. Students Resistant to Creative Projects (49:27)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.