Webinar Series: 11/29/2017 – Piano – How Unfulfilled Expectations Impact Your Studio & Your Results

Found in: Claiming Territory, Relationships, Student Management, Student Retention/Attrition, Webinars with Neil Moore

In this webinar Neil talks about the design of upset, what that means specifically and how to manage, and more importantly, prevent upset from occurring. This includes developing an understanding of some underlying dynamics in your relationships with students and coaches with regard to expectations.

Topics include:

  1. The Design & Mechanics of Upset (00:11)
  2. Identifying the Type of Upset (10:59)
  3. Student Expectations, Teacher Expectations (15:43)
  4. Studio Example – Coach Expectations (19:02)
  5. Preventing & Identifying Upset (26:22)
  6. Adult Beginner Expectations (28:50)
  7. Normalizing Expectations (31:46)
  8. Studio Example: Teacher Expectations (34:57)
  9. Studio Example: Coach Expectations (43:37)
  10. Distinguishing the Source of Upset (46:44)

Click through the video to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.