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Charge Parent Who Wants to Learn

Hannah B., Washington

I had an inquiry from a lady today, she and her daughter both want to learn. I was wondering since I require parents to attend lessons anyway, should I charge only one private fee? Two shared lesson fees?

Suzette H., Nebraska

I have a pair like that. I just teach and charge for the daughter since the dad has to be there anyway and spend a much larger amount with her and have the dad watch and then play once through for me.

I also only block a private lesson time for them not a larger group lesson time.

Leeanne I., Australia

I have taught many parents and children together, in fact, I actively encourage it! My ‘rule’ is that if the parent wants a go on the piano, they enroll. I do offer a family discount on multiple students from the one family.

Corinne S., Georgia

If you are actively teaching the mom, you still need to pay royalties for her lesson, don’t you? You’ll want to take that into consideration of tuition/fees.

Mark M., New York

I like the distinction between parent as coach and parent as student. If you are interacting fully with the parent in the same way you are with the child, as you would with any student, then I think you charge tuition.

Robin Keehn, Washington

It’s in your best interest to know exactly what her intention is. If she’s a parent/coach, then there is one expectation. If she’s a student who is learning with her child, it’s another set of expectations.

Original discussion started January 23, 2019

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