Webinar Series: 06/13/2017 – Piano – Fitting in All the Streams

Found in: Shared Lessons, Teaching and Teacher Training, Time Management, Webinars with Neil Moore

In this webinar Neil talks about structuring lessons to include all required components of the Core Curriculum.

Topics include:

  1. Importance of Following the Core Curriculum (00:08)
  2. Methodological or Behavioral Basis? (04:45)
  3. Circle-in-Square Concept (07:57)
  4. Timing of Streams (11:25)
  5. Introducing Comp & Improv, Arrangements and Accompaniment 1 (16:40)
  6. Nature of Presenting Material (20:49)
  7. Detailed Order of Special Programs Projects (32:03)
  8. Moving from Improv Into Composition (34:19)
  9. Students Not Practicing All Streams (36:02)
  10. How to Present Small Doses of Accompaniment (40:44)

Click through the video below to hear Neil discuss the previously stated topics.