High School Jazz Bands

Marsha L., Virginia

I am wondering if anyone here has experience with high school jazz bands. One of my student’s parents emailed me telling me her daughter wanted to try out. She is a very talented student, quick learner, hard worker, etc. But she has only just finished level two of simply music.

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

Probably a bit soon for that. You might tell mom that the student will be much more prepared after getting through more content, particularly Jazz Clues and Reading. That will take a few years though. If she has prior experience, motivation herself (not just mom), and learns quickly you could perhaps introduce those a bit sooner, however.

Mandy H., Virginia

I read music, but we were expected to read lead sheets more often than not. She definitely needs to focus on Reading Rhythm, but also give her heavy doses of the accompaniment programs and chord drills. I have a 9-year-old who’s in better shape for high school jazz band than most students who read ever would be.

Original discussion started November 23, 2019