Complex Chords Beyond Accompaniment 1

Lynn S., Illinois

First, how do you teach all the complex chords beyond the last Danny Boy piece in Accompaniment Book 1? Do you choose other lead sheets? Work on exercises with the other chords? Second, after Accompaniment Book 1, when is a student ready for Accompaniment Level 2? Thx!

Ruth P., North Carolina

Chord Drill by Elizabeth Gaikwad.

I personally wait a looooong time before doing Acc 2. I want them to be super comfy with chords and accompanying in general. That’s just me tho

Terri P., Michigan

Work on Accompaniment Variations for a while, before moving on to Accompaniment 2.

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

Use fake books for loads of practice processing lots of chords along with Accompaniment Variations. We have a Curriculum Sequence Protocol for all core curriculum programs in the Teacher Library > Curriculum Support –

Original discussion started January 20, 2019

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