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SHM After Discontinuing Lessons

Jayne J., Colorado

I have a question about the SHM. I talked to my boss at the studio the other day and she was concerned about students possibly discontinuing lessons with me and then proceeding to use the videos and purchasing additional levels to learn the songs. She wanted to know if that is protected against and could this happen? I assured her there are some things that a student can only get in a lesson and the videos only go so far but I would like to know how that part works.

Joy O., Alabama

Could this happen? Yes. Would it work for them? Maybe. Would it work for them as well as having an in-person lesson? Absolutely not. You can get free lessons online (from other sources) to learn piano, without paying for Simply Music SHM’s. Or you could try to use SHM on your own. That is not the same experience.

Laurie Richards, Nebraska

This is something you must manage as a teacher. I find if I am very upfront and confident about stating my requirements as well as the results they can expect with me, I have zero issues with this. At the very first lesson I am clear that they absolutely may not view any videos not assigned. I have everyone make a promise on this. I talk about how the videos are not designed to be used independently of a teacher – they are not a self-study format. (This becomes more apparent the further you get in the curriculum – less explaining in the SHM videos).

I also talk about how they have video support for the Foundation songs but that we will also be learning many other things not on the video – comp & improv, arrangements, accompaniment. We also discuss the many benefits of learning in the group environment. With all of these conversations, I honestly don’t think they even consider quitting and trying to do it on their own.


Original discussion started May 15, 2018