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Gateway Appropriate

How would I decide whether a student would learn reasonably well using the classic Simply Music approach, or whether he & I should invest in the Gateway program? I don't think you can really know until you start. It's always safe to start with Gateway. Then, if the student is moving quickly you can start incorporating some of the regular Simply Music approach. That's what I've done with a new student.…

Webinar Series: 06/15/2018 – Gateway – Music Stories from Karen’s Studio

In this webinar Karen shares videos of her teaching her own students with learning disabilities and discusses their stories and their successes with the Gateway program. Introduction (00:05) Student Video 1: Nikos (00:43) Student Video 2: Rick (09:35) Student Video 3: Eytan (22:28) Student Video 4: Jewels (29:37) Student Video 5: Shane (37:34) Teacher Question: Student with Cerebral Palsy (40:37) Click through the video to hear Karen discuss the previously stated topics.

Webinar Series: 04/20/2018 – Gateway – Improving Fine Motor Function at the Piano

Karen discusses some very common fine motor challenges in students with special needs and ways in which teachers can address them in the Gateway curriculum, and addresses teacher questions about some of their students’ fine motor issues. Topics include: Typical Fine Motor Issues (00:05) Fine Motor Challenges Addressed in Gateway (8:43) Teacher Questions: Crossing the Midline – Finger Isolation (13:05) Finger Exercises (22:21) Trouble with Finger Isolation (33:05) Students with Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome (40:53) Click through the video below…

Webinar Series: 03/23/2018 – Gateway – What Can I Do If…..?

In this webinar you will hear about actual situations that teachers have encountered with their special needs students and learn from Karen’s expertise how best to handle those situations. Topics include: Using a Schedule with Students on the Spectrum (00:05) Difficulty Finding Black Note Groups (2:57) Starting Your First Gateway Student (6:08) How to Handle Challenging Behavior (9:02) Students Reluctant to Progress (18:24) Student Getting Distracted / School Setting Issues (26:18) Dealing with Inappropriate Behaviors (29:29) Accepting the Student as…