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Keeping Track Materials and Streams

I have been teaching for a year and a half now very part time with 12
students and I am just preparing for the new year with learning level
5 etc. I am wondering if it is normal at this stage to feel a little
swamped about how…

Pace of Progress

A teacher expressed concern about how much of the curriculum she gets through each year. Here is Neil Moore’s response. How Many Songs per Year Should Students Learn? Original video posted April 4, 2017

Webinar Series: 11/20/2018 – Piano – Managing Multiple Streams

In this webinar, Laurie discusses some tips for managing several different streams in the curriculum and answers teacher questions. Topics include: Introduction & Purpose (0:05) When to Teach Variations & Arrangements (1:05) Expected Level of Mastery (07:25) Planning Your Training (11:03) Teacher Questions: Comp &…

Content breadth vs depth

I have a student whose mom is a fourth grade teacher, and she made a comment last night that I didn’t quite know how to respond to. In referring to the white board on which I had written the notes, including assignments from Foundation Level…

Teaching Development level songs

I’m wondering of those of you teaching in Development 10 and beyond continue to learn each song off the page? I have done so through Development 12, and could continue but usually have other projects of my own on the go. With my previous piano…