Webinar Series: 02/06/2018 – Piano – Becoming a Self-Generative Teacher

In this webinar you will learn the importance of developing your own self-generative skills in supporting self-generative students. Practical steps are shared with regard to how to accomplish this. Topics include: Distinction Between Receptive & Generative Skills (00:00) Importance of Supporting Self-Generative Students (05:55) Developing Yourself as a Generative Teacher (17:38) Relevance of Playlist & Long-Term Relationship Conversation (30:59) Recap – How Teachers Can Develop Generative Skills (33:51) Teacher Questions: Parents Helping Struggling Students (35:32) Transition into Development Program (38:58) Teacher Question: Instructions from SHM Videos vs. Teacher (42:28) Teacher Question: Managing Content in Lesson (46:57) Click through the video Read more